Renegade Secrets To Making The First Date A Success

Scott Valdez Reveals How To Get The Most Out Of Your First Meeting…

Here’s the Sexiest Man Alive method for taking a woman out for the first date…

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and George Clooney have all been voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive several times. Any woman would have the time of her life on a date with one of these men.

And what advice would one of them give you for your first date with a woman?

You might have guessed it…

Just be yourself.

But wait…

Do you look like Brad Pitt?

Do you have Johnny Depp’s bank account?

George Clooney’s charisma?

NO! Don’t listen to these men; this is bad advice.

If you’re struggling with your dating life in the first place, the last thing you want to do is enter a date being just yourself.

Be your BEST self.

Tips for being your best self on your first date with a woman

1. Be the same person online and offline.

If you thought whipping up a fancy charade about how uber-awesome you are was a good idea, when she meets you and realizes that it’s not true, you’re in for trouble.

It’s vital to come across as the same person in real life. If you portrayed yourself as an adventurous person, do something a little adventurous or steer the conversation in that direction when you meet her.

If she gets the sense that you’re not who you said you were, then she will immediately forget every great thing she thought about you and all the trust will be gone.

2. Be well groomed.

It’s hard to believe for most of us, but there are still guys out there who haven’t figured out that date time is shower time. Before you step out the door to meet her for the first time, you must smell good, look presentable, and pay attention to the details…

Your nails should be trimmed, your teeth should be clean, and your shoes should be shiny. These things count!

Don’t be one of the offenders we hear about from our female clients.

(Yes… they say very mean things about guys who smell bad. So if you haven’t showered lately, we’ve probably heard all about you)

3. Be positive and keep it light.

When you badmouth other people or talk negatively on the first date, you send all the wrong signals about who you are. This can include talk about an ex, about how lonely you are, all the things you hate… anything that she could follow up with “That’s a real bummer…”

Similarly, never have any “heavy” discussions with a woman on the first date…

Want to talk about childhood experiences that scarred you for life?

Have the desire to voice your strong views on religion and politics?

Have a sudden urge to confess a crime you committed 10 years ago or something?

Whoa dude, just chill…

4. Have fun, and DON’T be boring.

An easy way to keep things fun is to do things that are naturally fun. Don’t go to dinner and a movie. That’s naturally uncomfortable.

Try mini-golf, basketball, or paintballing! Woo Hoo!

Different activities might naturally suit you; the key is to find something to do that has fun built in already.

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