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It SUCKS sending message after message to women who never write you back. What’s worse is if you’re getting any messages at all, they’re probably not from the girls you want to meet.

You could hang out at loud bars, wait to be introduced by a friend or accidentally bump carts with her at the grocery store, but that might take months or even years… if it happens at all!

Clearly, online dating makes sense.

But lack of skill, time, or both, are crippling your results.

We’ve Made The Process Of Finding And Meeting High Quality Women Online Effortless

Introducing Virtual Dating Assistants...

The world’s first done-for-you service designed to deliver top-quality dates to you on a silver platter.

With Virtual Dating Assistants on your side, you get to skip past the “searching phase” of dating, and instantly fast-forward to the fun part: enjoying coffee or drinks with your ideal woman.

Thanks to thousands of hours of advanced testing and data analysis, we’re able to immediately push up your online dating response rate and deliver only the highest quality matches to you.

There’s no easier, more effective way to meet beautiful, compatible women in existence.

Now, instead of wasting valuable time with the tedious and frustrating parts of online dating, you can simply delegate it to your very own team of experts.

From writing your profile, to identifying high-caliber women, to sending them messages and setting up your dates… We’ll do all of the hard work for you!

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How It Works

ViDA’s Founder, Scott Valdez, explains how it works on the Today Show.

Find Out Why Hundreds Of Smart, Successful Men Have Been Choosing Us Since 2009...
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...and why media outlets like CNN, the Washington Post, Men’s Health, and The Today Show love what we’re doing, too.

See What New York Times Bestselling Author,
TimHad To Say About Outsourcing His Dating…

And Here’s What Other Guys Who’ve Experienced Virtual Dating Assistants Have To Say…

What I was not able to do in 2 years, Virtual Dating Assistants did in two months. Now, that’s impressive!! I’m now involved with a very nice woman that I’ve met with the help of Virtual Dating Assistants. I am very, very satisfied with the results

Trent K.

Manhattan, NY

Prior to Vida I was spending countless hours, sending unsuccessful emails and meeting no one. Within a few short weeks, I had more responses and women looking to meet me than there were days in the week. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone who is frustrated with the hassles of online dating.

Sanjeet S.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

As an entrepreneur, I stay pretty busy. I tried online dating before, but found it frustrating and boring… Unlike my friends, I was unwilling to dedicate the time & effort needed to wade through the masses to be successful.

So, I decided to get help. And help they did… I had never dated 4 different girls in one weekend before hiring ViDA. And while it was fun meeting new people, I was most excited when I was able to meet someone I really clicked with.

Patrick W.

Austin, TX

From my dedicated “wingwoman” to the skilled writers, this is a very competent and professional operation. Consistent and timely communication, good judgment in selecting candidates in the first instance, and persistent and targeted follow-up to close the deal with promising matches. I heartily recommend the ViDA team and will definitely return to them if things do not turn out with my current girlfriend (that I, of course, met through the ViDA service).

Ajay K.

Toronto, ON

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Our experts know exactly how to get the attention of even the most sought-after women online. Skills like this are rare and can only be honed with extensive training and experience.

It takes time to carefully grow our team to fit the ever increasing demand for our service. We are EXTREMELY selective in who we hire. After all, you don’t want some random guy bundled up in a shack somewhere trying to find you women. You need highly qualified, expertly trained specialists. And that’s exactly whom we employ.

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