Podcast #26: Overcome Nice Guy Syndrome & Discover Your Passion with Tripp Lanier

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Tripp Lanier is a men’s coach and host of The New Man Podcast, where he and his guests discuss subjects ranging from dating and sex to money, power, purpose and even fitness.

Tripp teaches men all over the world how to discover their passion and connect with the things that matter most, as well as how to navigate the challenging world of dating and relationships. He coaches men who want clarity and direction, are looking to conquer their fears and doubts, and want to overcome “nice guy syndrome.”

A lot of dating coaches have a very “macho” way of attracting beautiful women that involves heavy challenging teasing or just plain jerky behavior, which just doesn't work for some guys. Still, other coaches have a more “new age” approach that might be too “out there” or too “yoga-like” for your taste. But what about a happy-medium that maintains the perfect amount of macho edge while combining the best aspects of personal growth and “inner-game?”

In this interview, Tripp Lanier tells us what's beyond the macho jerk and new age wimp and how you can attract more women by being your true, authentic self. He has a unique that focuses on bringing passion into your life while living and doing exactly what you want.

I think you’ll really like Tripp’s fresh take to dating and relationships, so put your headphones on, turn up the volume, and enjoy…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    The Value of Asking Yourself:  What Do I Really Want to Do?
•    Getting Clear with YOUR Goals and Defining YOUR Direction
•    One SIMPLE Technique for Revealing Your True Passion
•    The Wisdom of Experimentation and Following Your “Whims”
•    Staying in Touch with “That Feeling” and Staying “Present”
•    One Trap to Avoid in Dating That Will RUIN Your Happiness
•    Recovering from “The Nice Guy Syndrome” – Truly Valuing Yourself
•    Are Nice Guys Really “Nice?” or Just Frustrated and Angry?
•    Does “Macho Jerk” Work for Long Term Relationships?
•    Breaking Free From “What Society Wants?” – Getting Vulnerable
•    Mindset-Shifts for Your Fear of “What Will They Think of Me?”
•    Navigating Relationships – Keeping the “Spontaneity Alive”
•    How to Stay Playful and Achieve a TRUE Connection

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