Podcast #18: Become Naturally Attractive to Women with Leigh Louey-Gung

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Leigh Louey-Gung is an Australian dating coach who runs the Attraction Institute, a company that helps men with things like inner confidence, approach anxiety, attracting women, and generally getting what you want most out of life. He focuses on more natural attraction, without all of the games and tricks, by being real and open with women.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Leigh wasn’t always the incredible source of confidence that he is today. When he was a teenager he was paralyzed by self-esteem issues even when he was interacting with other guys. But the intense pain of living in fear like that helped fuel him on a journey of growth and development.

One step at a time, Leigh came to the realization that he could naturally attract beautiful women simply by being himself without following any of the often contradictory rules, lines, and tricks. This took him into the world of ‘inner game’, which he mastered personally and then began helping scores of men to master too.

I really enjoyed spending time on the phone with Leigh, and found his simple techniques – for everything from inner game development to unleashing your confidence to harnessing the power of being an expert listener – both inspiring and fascinating.

Leigh’s got a wise and peaceful demeanor, and there’s a ton most guys out there can learn out from him. So sit back, put your head phones on, and enjoy…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    Do ‘Pick Up’ Community Rules of Attraction Really Work?
•    Letting Out the Incredible Guy Inside You:  Free Yourself to Be Yourself with Girls
•    Approach Anxiety:  Does it Ever Go Away? Does it NEED to Go Away?
•    Purpose Driven Interaction:  “I’m Here to Find out What Kind of Person You Are”
•    The Common Flaw of SIMPLY Trying to Avoid Rejection or Trying to Impress Her
•    Reading Subconscious Communication: How to Gauge Exactly What a Girl Wants
•    The SECRET of Getting Out of Your Head and Paying Attention to WOMEN
•    A Simple Exercise to Dramatically Increase Your Ability to Connect with Another
•    What Do Women Desire? Money, Power, Beauty… or What?
•    Four GENIUS Exercises That Train You to Read What a Woman Wants
•    When Should You Go For The Kiss?
•    What’s the Best Way to Listen to a Woman? How to Truly Be a Good Listener
•    Four Listening Exercises to Develop DEEP Connection with Gorgeous Women
•    The SECRET of Listening THROUGH her Words: Listening to Her Experience
•    How Does the Way You Live Your Life Affect Your Success with Women?
•    Using “Acceptance” and “Action” to Break Down the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life
•    Taking LITTLE Steps:  The Wisdom of Taking Things One Tiny Step at a Time

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