Click Magnet Dating Podcast #8: Phone and First Date Fundamentals with Alex Nova

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Alex Nova is the founder of, a dating coaching company in Australia and South East Asia that teaches men how to attract women naturally. With 10 years of studying female attraction and teaching men how to master it under his belt, Alex is, without a doubt, one of the top dating experts from the land down under.

Initially unsuccessful with women, Alex made a commitment with a group of friends to go out every week for the sole purpose of approaching women. He gradually gained confidence while figuring out what works and fine tuning his skills.

Today, Alex coaches on the secrets of body language, talking to women, how to build your confidence and self-esteem, and much more. Alex’s approach to coaching student is very hands on as he takes them into the “field” (i.e. bars) to show them the ropes.

It was my pleasure to conduct this exclusive interview with Alex and I’m glad to be able to share his rock-solid and highly effective wisdom with my followers.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Turning a Number into a DATE – Text and Phone Strategies to leave her BEGGING for more.
  • Callback Humor – One Way to Break the Ice and Build Immediate Rapport on the Phone.
  • FOOLPROOF Text Messaging –the Biggest Mistakes Men Make and the Best Strategies to create Interest and Connection.
  • More Interesting and Exciting Ways to Describe Your Day (… even if it was boring).
  • Date Locations – Places to Go and Things to Do so Hot Girls Know You’re the Kind of Guy They Always Wanted.
  • First Date Conversations – What to Say and What NEVER to Say.
  • Body Language Basics – What You Can Do Now… Plus, How To Read Women.
  • Flirting – The BEST Things a SEXUAL Man Says and Does So She Can’t Wait to Get Physical.

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