Two Steps For Improving Your Online Profile Photos

Taking selfie with old camera for online dating profile

If you're not willing to do whatever it takes to get solid photos for your profile that create a stunning impression, do me a favor and stop reading this article right now, because you’ve already lost the internet dating game. Yes, it's THAT serious. So, why are quality profile photos so crucial?

Believe it or not, women are also highly VISUAL creatures. Although your online communication can make you appear more or less attractive in her eyes (without her even knowing it), she DOES care that you have a decent appearance and you’re a clean, healthy dude. data indicates that a woman is about 8.5 times more likely to visit a profile that has at least one photo than one that does not. Without doubt our dating agents have proven the ACTUAL number is far greater than that. Bottom line: not having solid photos KILLS your chances of getting a date.

Any one of our online dating coaches will tell you that from a physical point of view, your primary photo is your first impression, and every photo that follows it counts, too. I’ve told this piece of advice hundreds of times behind the scenes, and it bears repeating so much that Men’s Health even quoted me on it…

“You Are Only As Good As Your Worst Photo”

The statement is bold because it has to be to drive this point home: Without solid profile photos that show you at your best, you are dead in the water. I can teach you all the message and profile tricks in the book, but if your profile photos are of poor quality, you’ll communicate all the wrong things to women and destroy your chances with most of them.

Our dating consultants have discovered tons of ways to improve your photos, few of which are all that difficult. Just a couple little tricks can make you appear at least twice as attractive to women, and that's even if you have a face for radio.

Here are a couple simple key steps to improving the effectiveness of your photos:

1. Take headshot photos that show you in the best “light” (double entrendre intended).

Women want to see your face and get a good idea about what you look like in real life. They also want to see you in your element doing the things you love (but you can read more about that in Click Magnet™).

What most men don’t realize is that the camera they use and the way they use it can make them look exponentially more or less attractive in their photos. Case in point, the nerds over at OkCupid published a web article called Don’t Be Ugly By Accident! that details a recent experiment of theirs.

They collected 552,000 example profile pictures, divided them into pairs, and then asked users to make snap judgments about who they would rather date. They then “collated these millions of judgments with the time of day each picture was taken, what the shutter speed was, and so on. Almost all modern cameras embed this stuff in a special header, called EXIF data.” After that, these kick-ass nerds graphed their findings.

But enough nerdgasming… here’s what you need to know: Whenever possible, use a camera with an interchangeable lens, and never, EVER use a flash. Why not? The data revealed that on average, using a flash adds seven years to your age. Yes, SEVEN years. Got it? No flash. Natural lighting. Real-deal camera if possible.

Men often come to us with such terrible profile photos that we literally have to tell them that we can’t guarantee any dates until we commission a professional photographer for them, and our partner in the photo department,, makes it easy and affordable with packages that begin at just $149.

If you’ve already purchased “Click Magnet,”and you already know your profile photos are a weak point, you don’t have to max out your credit cards make pro photos happen. It could just be the best hundred and fifty bucks you ever spend…especially if you’re interested in meeting women ages 30 and older.

But remember this: Should you decide to make this important investment, you should never use 100% professional shots for your profile, and the professional shots you do select need to look as natural as possible. Never allow a photographer to sit you in front of a cheesy backdrop (you’re not taking a yearbook picture here). A natural environment such as a nearby park is always better.

If your profile photo spread looks remarkably similar to a modeling shoot, then women will think you’re trying too hard… and you don't need a dating professional to tell you that’s not sexy.

2. Get tons of women to help you choose your best photos… for free.

After you get the killer shots, choosing which photos to post can be really tough. But thanks to the same OkCupid nerds, a new user-driven web app called MyBestFace can help you quickly identify the keepers and weed out the duds.

Here’s how the app works: For each photo you want women to evaluate, you must do 20 evaluations of your own, which just entails five minutes of clicking the more attractive of two chicks pictured side by side. And to think, only fifteen years ago this was all impossible.

Someone forgot to tell Pamela Anderson she didn’t need to get plastic surgery to tweak her image to such…err… perfection?

Still need some photo help? Here are a few bonus tips:

Sometimes retouching and cropping your photos can really pay off. Any number of easy-to-use programs are out there to help you enhance your photos. One of them is called GIMP

Be sure to try out different facial expressions. Some guys look more attractive smiling, and some don't. OkCupid’s nerd research even goes as far as to suggest that two thirds of men look better when they are not smiling, indicating that men’s photos are most effective when they look away from the camera and don’t smile.

Just the other day, I read in Cosmo that women find the famous rapper Drake much more attractive when he keeps a serious face, while Will Smith looks better with a smile. You might ask why I was reading Cosmo. Quite simple – I was on a date with a woman who thought I looked really good online. THAT'S why.

So use these tips to get your photo situation fixed already. It’s time to get this part of your life ‘handled’ by mastering online dating and meeting more women.

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