Travelgirls Profile Tips for Men

Picture of hot woman hitchhiking.So you want to meet a really attractive girl who shares your love for travel? Or perhaps you’d like a gorgeous chick to show you around Moscow or Kiev during your next Eastern European adventure?

Whatever the case, if you’re looking for an exceptionally good-looking woman with an open mind and a penchant for adventure, then Travelgirls might just be the right site for you.

Travelgirls bills itself as a “special interest” dating site geared towards people who are searching for travel buddies. But in reality, the site’s full of women searching for a generous gentleman to underwrite lavish trips.

There are certainly “good girls” on Travelgirls who care about much more than what’s in your wallet or what fancy locale you can whisk them off to. But on the whole, expect your dates to be more expensive with the women you meet from this site.

The “golddigger to good girl” ratio is going to be much higher than what you’ll find on any mainstream, non-Sugar Daddy dating site. So be careful and discerning. Do not wire money to anyone you haven’t met in person.

But amidst the golddiggers and scammers, Travelgirls boasts thousands of quality women from all over the world who are genuinely searching for companionship and international adventures. By following our advice and acting on the tips mentioned below, you can make yourself as attractive as possible to these girls in no time flat.

Attract Sexy Travelgirls with the Right Pictures

Because Travelgirls is a travel-oriented website, women will often search for men by location.

Let’s say a lady in Belarus is looking for a gentleman in New York. She’ll type “New York, NY, USA” in the search bar, and this will be the first thing that she sees:

Search results section of Travelgirls website.

As you can see, she’s got tons of choices, but the only thing she has to go on is a name, an age, and a picture. That’s it.

While your age is pretty important and can be slightly “optimized” (i.e. putting that you’re 40 when you’re 42), you definitely need to optimize the photo a woman will see first. You don’t need to be the world’s most attractive guy to get women, but you do need to make yourself look as good as possible in a way that is classy, unthreatening, and allows your personality to shine through.

But before we discuss how you can do that, let’s first take a look at what not to do.

Don't Appear Skeezy

Picture of a skeezy guy on Travelgirls website.

Congratulations, you don’t look like a troll when you wear your bathing suit. But there are other ways to show off your sick bod, brah.

Do not include a half-naked picture in your profile unless it’s a candid-looking action shot of you laying down a killer spike during a beach volleyball match.

Photos like this one make you look… well, like a douchebag.

Don't Appear Boring

Picture of guy who looks boring on Travelgirls website.

The picture quality here isn’t great, but aside from that, it’s boring. The gentleman in question looks like any other generic bozo hanging out on a beach at night.

It’s fine to have some casual pictures, but make sure that they demonstrate something about your personality.

This picture doesn’t help differentiate this man from any other lame dude on the site. And being forgettable on a dating site is the #1 way to ensure that you won’t be getting the number or quality of women that you want. Additionally, you will win no points for lack of effort.

Women invest a lot of time – and often Photoshop – into looking good online. The least you can do is put in the same kind of effort.

So how do you make yourself look like the kind of stud a woman has always dreamed about going to the Maldives with?

Simple: invest in high-quality photographs that clearly show your face and/or body. You want your first impression to be as memorable and attractive as possible.

Here are some good examples …

Look Natural and Approachable

Picture of a guy who looks approachable on Travelgirls website.

This photograph looks professional, but not too stiff.

The gentleman is smiling, looking away from the camera – totally natural and at-ease.

It also helps that he’s wearing a suit, communicating professionalism and even a little pizzazz. Pictures like this where the man is smiling and and not making direct eye contact are the second best at attracting women online … after a type of picture that is often overlooked (see below).

Look Mysterious (Don't Smile, Look Away)

PIcture of guy looking away from the camera and not smiling.A while back, OkCupid analyzed the effect of mens' profile pictures on women – and the results were pretty surprising, if not completely unexpected.

After cataloging thousands of live profile pictures being used on OkCupid, a “data miner” for the online dating site analyzed the pictures by breaking them down into two general categories: men looking into the camera and men looking away from the camera. He then broke each of these categories into three sub-categories: flirty face, smiling, and not smiling.

After analyzing the data, the data miner found that flirty faces – sensual stares, subtle lip flexes, etc. – attracted the most women when men were looking into the camera.

But when men were looking away from the camera, not smiling was the most effective – almost 40% more effective than looking into the camera with a flirty face!

Now this doesn't mean that every picture you have on Travelgirls should be mysterious (you should have pictures like the one above and the one below). What it does mean though is that it's a very good idea to use a mysterious picture of yourself as your main profile picture.

Look Stylish (and Affluent)

Picture of guy who looks stylish and affluent on Travelgirls website.

This gentleman looks like just that: a gentleman.

Though he’s smiling and looks friendly and approachable, he has a certain “polished” quality, too. He’s sharply dressed, trim, and attractive. If you take pride in your appearance, this is the way to show it off.

You may have also noticed that most of these men are dressed in formalwear. While it’s not a hard-and-fast rule that you must be wearing a three-piece suit in your profile picture, looking sharp does communicate that you have your shit together. And on a site like Travelgirls, that’s incredibly important.

If suits aren’t your style, at least make sure you look “put together” in your profile picture. Leave your old fraternity muscle shirt at home, and make an effort to look like a gentleman.

Woo Travelgirls with Your Words

You don’t just want to be another pretty face online. In order to keep a woman’s interest, you have to be, well… interesting.

Because Travelgirls is populated by people all over the world, it’s usually best to keep your profile simple. If you’re just looking for local women, you can amp the writing up a couple notches, but if you’re targeting women from another country, then it’s better to apply the KISS principle to your writing – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Whatever you do, don’t make these common mistakes:

Don't Say Nothing

Picture of bad profile on Travelgirls website.

OK, so this guy is fairly good looking and appears to have a boat. But why would a woman be interested in someone who can’t even bother to fill out a few sentences about himself?

This is your chance to represent yourself, so make sure that you describe yourself in your own words.

Don't Sound Crazy

Profile text that makes a guy seem crazy on Travelgirls.

Aside from the fact that “surly relaxation” is not a thing, this profile reads like the ramblings of a sex criminal. No woman is going to be turned on by a guy who wants to smell her “20-carat golden hair” and has “a demon who likes dirty talk” inside him.

You may well have all sorts of fetishes and kinks – that’s fine. But your Travelgirls profile is not the place to discuss them. Additionally, talking about how selective (yet average looking) you are is not going to make the women flock to you. It’ll just make you look like a jerk.

Here are some profiles that went right:

Be Simple – Yet Descriptive – About Yourself and Your Ideal Match

Profile text on Travelgirls profile that will attract sexy, outgoing girls.

This gentleman is a little poetic – English is clearly not his native language – and yet he clearly manages to describe what he’s like and what he wants. While you’d ordinarily want to shy away from giving a laundry list of adjectives on a regular dating site, if you know that the women browsing your profile don’t speak much English, simplicity is usually best.

Of all the profiles we’ve seen so far, this guy seems sweet, respectful, non-threatening, and fun – which is exactly what you’re going for on a site like this.

Example of "About Me" text on Travelgirls website that works.

This gentleman is clearly a native English speaker and gifted writer. He paints a vivid picture of himself and his life experiences as a consummate traveler, and invites the reader to imagine herself along for the ride. He also seems financially and mentally stable – and, most importantly, fun.

While the English may be too complicated for some Travelgirls to understand (the Thaisland pun especially), the writer’s breezy attitude shines through. Most importantly, it is clear that he’s devoted some effort into this enterprise, and that’s something that women appreciate, regardless of the site.

If you’re looking to craft a killer profile on Travelgirls, this is a good template to start with.

Because Travelgirls’s profile requirements are fairly simple (just a no-frills “About Me”) we’d suggest writing a few sentences about yourself and a few sentences about who/what you’re looking for. Just remember to be non-threatening, descriptive, and unique.

And because there are so many women on Travelgirls, there’s no doubt that you CAN find who you’re looking for.

Good luck, and happy travels!

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