Top 5 Hinge Dating Tips That Really Work

hinge dating tipsWhen it comes to dating in the digital world, there are only a handful of dating apps we think are worth your time. Hinge is one of those apps. Hinge uses Facebook to connect you with friends of friends, so it’s a great way to meet real women.

Hinge has garnered a reputation amongst dating apps as being one of the better places to meet high quality singles. The male/female ratio is about 50-50, and according to Hinge, 90% of users are between 23 and 36.

To increase your chances of turning your most attractive Hinge matches into a date, follow these 5 Hinge dating tips:

1. Don’t use all the allotted photo real estate

Hinge lets you post up to 7 photos on your profile. But just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. The chances of you looking equally attractive in all 7 photos are slim to none – and it only takes one bad photo to make her move on to the next guy.

Instead, pick your best 3 to 5 photos, placing the most attractive ones near the front. Choose photos that highlight your interesting lifestyle and hobbies, and make sure you’re the center of attention in each one.

Check out this article full of essential tips on how to choose the best online dating photos.

2. Make your “My Story” shine

Rather than writing a Tinder or Bumble style bio, Hinge uses a series of 150-characters-or-less prompts to tell your story. You can choose up to 6 prompts from a list of 70, with the first one being the primary focus of your profile.


hinge prompt tip

These little snippets can make a big impression, and you want to make sure it’s a good one. Choose prompts that allow you to highlight an attractive trait. Research has shown women are naturally drawn to men who display courage, bravery, and a willingness to take risks, so tell a story that illustrates one of those traits.

Women also find a good sense of humor sexy, and many of the prompts lend themselves to telling a humorous anecdote. Steer clear of any inherently negative prompts, like “worst first date.” Negativity in your dating profile and messages is a turn off.

3. Make the first move

Hinge makes it easy to get the conversational ball rolling with your matches. You don’t even need to worry about using an icebreaker! All you have to do is “like” one of her profile sections or photos, or comment on one. If she replies, the connection is made and the conversation can begin.

Research has shown that talking about yourself makes you feel good, and the comments are a great way to encourage her to do just that. Scroll through her photos and ask her about one of her hobbies, or where a particular picture was taken.

Pet photos are a golden opportunity – if she chose a picture of her with her dog, it’s a good bet she’ll want to talk about Fluffy. If you’ve got a dog or cat of your own, make sure to mention that fact. Pet ownership makes you seem more trustworthy and attractive.

4. Ask her out sooner rather than later

Hinge connections never expire, but your goal is moving things off the app. But if you ask her out too soon, you risk scaring her off. Wait too long and she’ll get bored and move on.

Here are some signs that indicate she’s into you, and will probably be open to meeting up or exchanging numbers:

  • She’s putting some thought into her responses. If she’s sending you several lines instead of just yes/no questions, she’s interested.
  • You’re getting lots of “lols” and emojis. This is the online equivalent of laughing at your jokes – always a good sign.
  • She’s responding with questions of her own. She wants to learn more about you.

Confident men ask women out, and confidence is an attractive trait.

But always suggest a meet up rather than a date. “Date” is an emotionally loaded word, implying a large time investment on her part. “Meet up” is a more casual, less risky proposition she’s more likely to agree to.

5. Do less and date more

When it’s all said and done, there is only so much one guy can do. And unless you are willing to turn your dating life into a part-time job, you might find it hard to meet quality women in any reasonable amount of time.

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