Podcast #21: The Art of Love with Zan Perrion

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Zan Perrion is an internationally known writer and professional speaker who coaches men on approaching women, dating and life.  Zan’s very well known for his “ars amorata” (or “art of love”), which is a form of interaction between men and women that he’s designed to be at once more natural and more enlightened.

His entire philosophy centers around the idea that “men who love women are loved by women.” He believes that your appreciation, passion and enthusiasm for their beauty make them feel beautiful, and they in turn love to be with you. This form of “enlightened seduction” explains why Zan considers himself a “romance artist” rather than a “pickup artist.”

Since his early 20’s, Zan has devoted his life to being a student of women.  Most of what he’s learned was by trial and error, and by just asking thousands of questions directly to women.

Zan is extremely direct, and what really makes him stand out is his ability to help his students shake hands with their nervousness and simply speak their truth in the presence of gorgeous women.

This was a particularly interesting interview for me because of the way Zan brings true authenticity, honesty and directness to the table.  There’s a lot of great stuff every guy can take away from this… so sit back, listen and enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    What do All Men and Women Want?  Do They Want the Same Thing?
•    The BIGGEST Misconception Men Have about Themselves:  What is It?
•    Meeting Women Through SUB-Communication: No Approach Necessary
•    Putting Your Masculine Presence in the Room: Display that You’re a Man
•    How to Show Women that You’re a Man Who LOVES Women
•    Avoiding the Friend Zone: Giving Women a Sense of Your Sexual Edge
•    Too Aggressive vs. Too Passive: Is There a Way to Get It into Balance?
•    Getting Comfortable with Silence: Is Constant Conversation Necessary?
•    Letting Go of the Game and Getting More Authentic with Women
•    How to Respond to a Woman’s “Tests” – Avoid Being the “Explaining Guy”
•    The BEST Way to Handle a Test – How to Agree and Make it Worse
•    Shaking Hands with Your Nervousness and Acting Anyway
•    Why You Should NEVER Measure You Success by Her Response

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