Learn How to Lock In The Date Quickly

Scott Valdez Shares Tips on How To Get Women Out On Dates With You Quickly…

Here’s a story you may have heard before:

One day, John starts talking to a cute girl online… the cute girl responds, and she starts flirting back. John begins writing her more and more, until he spends several hours a day talking to this girl.

They begin sharing secrets with each other, and bonding… pretty soon, John starts to have “feelings” for her.

There’s only one problem…

John doesn’t know how to ask her out and meet her in real life.

At first, he drops little hints, but the cute girl toys with him, and deflects every one of them…

Confused, John asks her straight out… but she makes some flaky-sounding excuse, and doesn’t meet up with him.

Finally, desperate to meet this girl for whom he has semi-romantic feelings, John becomes bold and demands to meet up with her… She agrees reluctantly…

They agree to meet in a public place, and John is overjoyed! Finally, he will meet the girl that has been on his mind every day for weeks on end!

He arrives at the rendezvous point, and scans the streets to pick her out of the crowd. He can’t wait…

Bells are whistling in his ears, and then he sees her… Eureka!

But wait… that’s not her… as he realizes how different she looks from his pictures, the bells and whistles halt with a crashing noise as he tries to slam the screeching breaks on his attraction for this overgrown version of his internet crush!

… poor John

Few things in life are more tragic and hilarious than when a guy meets a woman for the first time, after weeks of chatting with her online.


Because all too often, the woman turns out to be really different from the women he imagined her to be…

When it comes to meeting women online, taking a long time to meet in real life is never a good idea. Photos can be very misleading, lies can be told, and you can end up wasting ALL your time.

In fact, the women that are most reluctant to take things offline and meet in person are often the ones with the most to hide!

I’m going to teach you how to NOT be like our friend John, so you can lock in the date as quickly as possible (without jumping the gun, of course).

If a woman objects to meeting you in person, it often has nothing to do with you. She might be totally into you, but might just have a minor issue or doubt that needs to be addressed.

As part of your journey to becoming a “Click Magnet”, you must master the skill of overcoming women’s objections.

Here are some common objections, and how to handle them:

1. She might feel unsafe or uncomfortable meeting you.

Always offer to meet in a public place. It’s possible that she might want to meet you, but she’s just afraid to be alone with you.

Don’t ever do or say anything that could make her feel uncomfortable and doubt her safety. You’ll be much better off if you save the jokes about having duct tape in your white van for another occasion.

2. She might feel that meeting you for a date is too big of an investment.

If you’ve ever had in-laws or seen Ben Stiller in “Meet The Parents” then you know that nobody wants to be stuck alone with someone who makes them uncomfortable for an extended period of time.


She might be worried about being trapped in an awkward and crappy situation with no escape. That’s why it is a good idea to suggest an extremely low investment meeting, like a quick cup of coffee…

3. She might wonder if you’re really worth meeting.

She can never know for sure, but you can ask for the date in a way that makes you look more enticing.

People want what they can’t have. The most attractive things are in high demand and low supply. When you ask her out, make yourself seem like a scarce resource, and she will feel more attracted to you.

Mention that you have “a lot of things on your plate”, and tell her what some of those things are before you ask her out.

Putting all of these elements together could sound something like this:

I’ve gotta run to meet friends for dinner but I wanted to see if you’d like to get together sometime soon for a quick cup of coffee or a drink. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now (as do you) and talking seems to me like a much better way to get to know someone than emailing… so I’m all for skipping the endless back-and-forth emails and just meeting up at a café or bar. What do you think?

Of course, if you haven’t done a good job ATTRACTING a woman, she will never want to meet up with you. She will probably just keep ignoring you.

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