Successful Online Dating Profiles: When It Clicks, She Clicks…

Killer Profile Writing Tips That Will Enable You To Magnetically Attract Women Online Without Doing Anything…

Magnetically alluring online dating profiles have a way of pulling a woman into your life… They give her a succulent taste of what it’s like to be with you while strategically avoiding the complete satisfaction of her curiosity.

In other words, successful online dating profiles leave her wanting and more…

Unfortunately, if you’re like most guys online (whether you want to admit it or not), your profile isn’t coming close to pulling her in and giving her a succulent taste of what it’s like to be with you. In fact, you might be feeling a little self-conscious. You might be thinking that you’re just not attractive enough…

But let me tell you something… If you spend some time reading what we have to say about how to write a profile and improve your online dating photos, you’ll be well on your way to getting emails that look like this from attractive women:

How To Write A Match ProfileGetting emails like this happens for our clients here at ViDA all the time… But it’s not because our clients are any better looking or more exciting than you.  It’s because their profiles rock… and if they’re not pulling in emails from interested and interesting women, we take a long hard look to figure out what’s wrong and correct the problem.

Every profile is an evolutionary process – a process of tweaking and perfecting until you get it right. If you don’t find the ideal combination of elements the first time around, keep making little changes until you find what works.

In order to get you on the right track in this regard, I want to give you one very important piece of advice. Basically, it’s a mindset shift we use while writing our clients profiles. Believe me, if you can master this – it will dramatically increase your ability to set up dates with girls in the real world.

One Trick to SKYROCKETING Your Profile Writing Prowess
Notice how the girl in the email above is giving a big compliment on the “Things to do” section? Think about your “Things to do” or “Things for Fun” section. What does it say?

When tackling this part of the profile most people naturally assume it’s best to make a simple list, like this:

Swimming, Karaoke, Skiing…

Nearly everybody does it this way, but it’s not interesting or exciting at all… Hell, we might as well have listed “being boring” as an additional activity he enjoys.

So how could you tackle this section in a better way?

First off, avoid lists like the plague. A lot of people put a lot of time into the main “About Me” section, but they don’t pay any attention to the smaller sections below it – they just put a simple list of activities. This is a mistake.

Remember: your profile is your only opportunity to make her smile and impress her with your originality, passion, and humor. For that reason, you want to try and make every word count.

Instead of making a boring list, put some thought into it. Describe what you enjoy in colorful phrases. Feel free to include at least one outright ridiculous one too….

Here’s another version of the boring example above, which has been formed from the same interests (swimming, singing, skiing)::

Swimming laps – Yes, I wear a Speedo. No, I’ll never be the “Speedo guy” at the beach – I’ve got board shorts too 😉 Karaoke with friends (you’ve never seen anything quite like this before). Or just cutting fresh tracks down a Colorado ski slope.  

Notice the humor?

It’s not like he’ll be hitting the stand-up circuit, but his lighthearted, laidback sense of humor does shine through. Humor is very important for creating rapport and a sense of comfort with women online. Just don’t overdo it. Show your serious side while getting her to “LOL” at least twice (but no more than three or four times).

Finally, notice how this description also provides a lot of fun stuff a woman could make a flirty comment about?

Most online dating profiles are so mundane that it’s virtually impossible to find an angle of approach, but with this description, a girl could very easily ask… “So what color is your Speedo?” Or, “Haha… why are your karaoke nights unlike any I’ve seen before?”

When you provide examples from your life that give an exciting taste and feel of what it might be like to spend time with you, women are able to connect with it more easily and it both intrigues them and makes it easier for them to break the ice. If you apply this way of thinking to your entire profile, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

Share Your Props
Have you gotten some great feedback from interested women on the most successful dating profile text you’ve written to date? Did you transform your success online after making a few simple adjustments to your previous profile? I want to hear about it… Share your experience and best online dating profile tips in the comments below.

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