Click Magnet Dating Podcast #11: Seduction & Sexuality with Steve Mayeda

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Steve Mayeda (aka “El Topo”) is a lifestyle and dating coach who specializes in teaching men how to attract and be successful with women. He runs and organizes programs that coach men on techniques for seducing and connecting with women… and ultimately changing their lives.

Steve's got an infectious passion and excitement for life that will capture your attention and inspire you toward your dating goals. According to Steve, you're always learning and you never stop becoming a better expression of your masculinity. In fact, he claims he never wants to become a ‘dating master' since life is a continual process of learning and perfecting yourself.

But don't let that fool you… Steve's gained an impressive level of mastery. He's also got some powerful insight on everything from starting conversations with women, to body language, to liberating a woman's innate desire to become a sexual being.

Steve gets into some pretty advanced stuff here, so you might want to listen to this interview twice (but not at the office, this stuff is NSFW). Whether you're already seducing women with ease or just learning the ropes, you'll definitely appreciate the hard-won secrets he's so generously shared…

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

•    Being More than Just an Alpha Male:  Teaching Men to Be THEMSELVES
•    Practice Makes Perfect:  But What Do You Really Want?
•    Approaching Women:  How To NOT Run Out of Things to Say
•    THREE Things Steve Always Talks About With Women
•    A Basic Framework for Flirting:  Challenges, Push-pull, Framing, and More…
•    THREE Paths of Seduction:  What Are They and How Do You Use Them?
•    Body Language Basics:  Simple Posture Fixes
•    One HIGHLY Effective Trick to Immediately Start Off a Date
•    Fake it Till You Make It – As the Man You REALLY Are
•    Sexual Comfort:  Alleviating the Awkwardness of Sexuality
•    Allowing the GIRL to Have the Decision to Be With YOU
•    One Sure Fire Solution to Resistance AFTER You’re in Bed

Since Steve uses quite a bit of terminology from the “pick up” community that you may or may not be familiar with, I’ve included this quick reference glossary:

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