Proven Steps To Nail Your First Dates

I get a lot of questions from our readers about how to nail your first dates. My friend Craig Miller from the Gotham Dating Club happens to be one of my most trusted advisers on this very subject.

That's why I asked him to prepare a short article I could share with you guys.

Enter Craig…


Meeting a woman and getting her number is one thing, but taking her out on an incredible date is what will really leave her eager to see you again and eager to sleep with you.

There are literally hundreds of possible mistakes and missteps a guy can make when taking a girl out, ranging from going to the wrong place, to moving forward so aggressively that you make her uncomfortable, to moving so slow that she becomes bored.

Here's a simple 3-step game plan you can follow to nail your first dates every time…

1. Take The Lead

Most guys don't take the lead and plan out their dates because they want to play it cool and use their lack of planning as a sign that they don't care. Unfortunately, girls see this as an immature “college guy” move.

Many guys also think they're being a gentleman by letting the girl be the one who decides what to do, but really, she wants you to take charge and make the decisions.

Next time, plan out your date thoroughly. If she wants to change something something, she'll let you know.

2. Pick The Right Places

It's your job to make sure the date goes well. She's certainly not thinking about how you can best impress her and she's certainly not going to structure your night so you end up in bed together!

You need to pick the right places that will lead you both in the direction you want.

3. Stick To Relaxation

For a first date, instead of trying to impress her with an expensive dinner or a show or movie, instead take her out for casual drinks to a few cool places.

Pick a place where you can sit comfortably on a couch together side-by-side with dim lighting, music, and a fun atmosphere. She'll be more eager to get comfortable and hook up in places like these.

So let's recap: Plan the night, pick the right places, and make sure the atmosphere is right.

This is going give you the absolute best chance of you hooking up, and will allow her to get know you and get comfortable with you.

Remember, women will never plan out the date properly for you. You've got to take the lead if you want the night to go your way.

Good luck putting this into action!

About the Author: Craig Miller has been featured in the New York Times, FOX, CNN, and was recently featured as an expert on Anderson Cooper's LIVE show. He lives in New York City working with clients and gives men expert tricks to attract women.

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