Profile Mistakes That Destroy Trust Forever

building trust online

I've stressed, time and again, that building trust online is critically important to your success.

If attraction is like a spark, then trust is the fuel that generates fiery chemistry between you and a woman.

If you've read any of my writing on appearing trustworthy online, you're well on your way to meeting women…

… But it’s equally important to avoid topics that create distrust, and there are a few topics that will completely destroy your efforts online.

Some of them are more obvious than others…

But the bottom line is this: if you don’t know what they are, you will immediately make a woman uncomfortable or suspicious, and she will never respond to your messages.

Characteristics Of A Bad Profile Topic

Topics that strangers probably wouldn't normally discuss are not things you want to talk about in your online dating profile. If it’s a topic that produces heated arguments from time to time, it’s probably not something you want to broach in your profile.

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Perhaps the most damaging part of using a bad profile topic is that it will reveal to women that you lack the social savvy to know it’s a bad topic, which is obviously a huge turn-off.

Women almost universally prefer to be safe-than-sorry when it comes to choosing a date. If she gets the sense that you lack social graces, she will rather say “next” than risk finding out how socially inept you really are (… or whether or not you drive a white van that’s stocked with plenty of duck tape).

Topics That Create Discomfort Or Mistrust


An obvious one…

…But just to be sure that some uninformed pervert didn’t dupe you, let me spell it out: You won’t get laid any faster mentioning sex in your profile.

Some people think that hinting at sex will help you online, but they’ve mistaken sensuality for sex.

Sensuality WILL help you online. If you write in a sensual way, you will engage a woman’s imagination, and she may begin to fantasize about sex on her own…

Descriptions like, “silky smooth”, “tingling with sensation”, “melt”, “supple”, etc., are sensual. Comparing something you’re passionate about to an exciting romance is sensual. Describing her sensations is sensual.

Hinting at sex is not sensual.

It does not help you get more dates online. Women will RUN from any guy that mentions sex in his profile.

dealbreaker gifPolitics & Religion

Another obvious one…

Politics and religion are as unpleasant online as they are at the dinner table. Keep your strong opinions to yourself until you’ve met her in person.

Mentioning A Past Relationship

If you hint that you’ve had a history of bad relationships, a woman might assume that YOU are the bad guy…

… As a woman, she can put herself in your ex-girlfriend’s shoes more easily than she can yours.

It’s also a bad idea to mention your past relationships because, not only will you make her think you’ve got “baggage”, you’re also going to make her imagine being in a bad relationship with you.

That’s definitely the OPPOSITE of what you want to do.

Sounding Like A Player

If you’re the guy who brags about all the women you’ve been with, women will avoid you at all cost. Women don’t want to be your next cheap object of desire.

She will think you’re superficial, and she’ll look elsewhere…

Lying In Your Profile…

Unlike the other topics mentioned, you might be able to get away with a lie, but it will hurt you later…

This won’t stop most guys…

Studies have shown that the average guy overstates their income by about 20% and claims he’s at least an inch taller than he really is.

But when it comes to online dating, the bigger the lie, the harder it will be to get out of later.

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