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Unless you’re a REAL carbuncle of a pirate who just wants to date beer-bellied bottom feeders, your Plenty of Fish profile needs to stand out big time if you want to catch a fresh, clean, succulent fish.

Anyone can bag a 250 pound mackerel, who will flop herself directly into your pirate cabin, to enjoy a night of passionate fish mongering… BUT something tells me you’d rather have a sweet and sexy mermaid accompany you for a swim in warm luxurious waters off the bow of a 50-foot yacht in the Caribbean…

(Okay, maybe it's time to walk the plank off this ridiculous pirate pun. Arrrr! But it's fun.)

You’re in luck today because I’m about to give you a few of the best POF profile tips I’ve discovered while helping hundreds of clients bag hot dates on this site. In this post, you’ll learn (1) my secret to making the Interests section interesting, (2) how to rock your About Me, and (3) how to un-lame-ify your your First Date section.

Let’s get started…

1. Make Your POF Interests Section INTERESTING

The POF Interests section is a valuable piece of real estate in your POF profile, but most guys fail at it. What you’re asked to do is make a list of words/phrases and separate them by commas. What most guys do is just make a boring list like this:

Fishing, watching TV, Dave Matthews Band, football, being boring, blah blah…

Instead of simply listing your interests, I want you to make them exciting, funny and mysterious. Take advantage of the fact you can put PHRASES in there. Single word interests are fine to include, but mix in some awesome phrases that will tell her you’re fun, successful, hilarious and adventurous.

How about something like this?

all you can eat Cherry Garcia while watching 80s movies, not snowboarding into trees, swimming, hiking, making something awesome in my kitchen, experimenting with a new bottle of wine, exploring exotic locales overseas, live music, drunken karaoke

See how this is more fun and interesting than a simple list?

Start off with a list of your interests, then turn them into phrases. Make them funny, interesting and mysterious.

One caveat: Do not copy and paste my examples above… If more than one person on POF writes the same interest in this section, the POF computer system will turn it into hypertext that links to search results with everyone else who wrote the exact same thing. In other words, you could look like a complete loser if you use my example text and so do other guys.

2. The POF About Me: A Tiny Bit Shorter Than Average

First, if you’re not already familiar with the easy-to-follow format that we use here at ViDA to help thousands of guys skyrocket their ability to get dates online every single day, check out our proven profile writing framework here.

There’s one noteworthy difference between your POF profile and the one you’ll write for other sites: The POF About Me needs to be shorter. Cut the size down to about 200 words. Every dating site has different “social norms”, and the people on POF are generally less serious and more laid-back. That’s why a long, serious-sounding profile is really going to work against you.

Plus, beautiful women on this site get inundated with emails… They have to scan your profile fast to decide whether you’re a loser or not. She will not have time to read a long profile – because there are 50 of other guys she needs to compare you against. This takes time.

3. Un-Lame-Ify Your POF First Date Section

My favorite trick for making your POF profile shine is basically to do the opposite of taking this section seriously, which is what most guys do.

Think about this: Would you really call the first encounter from a girl you meet on POF a “date”? Come on, you don’t even know her yet! That’s why you’re just going to meet her for a quick cup of coffee or drink. That would be pretty damn boring to write about though, right?

What I want you to do in this section is to create an amazing fantasy first date adventure. Make it cool. Make it adventurous. Make it over the top. And make it completely obvious that you’re not being serious.

Here’s an example:

Let’s get some sushi to go and a bottle of wine, rent a helicopter, and fly to a remote mountaintop where we’ll have a picnic with a breathtaking view as the sun sets. We’ll call into work, inform them we’re not coming back, and move to the British Virgin Gorda, where we’ll build a giant treehouse on the beach while drinking delicious cocktails out of coconuts…

…Or we could just meet up at a nice café I know for a quick cup of coffee 😉

Do you see how I made it so over-the-top that’s it’s obviously a joke? You can make something like this for yourself. Follow a similar idea but make it a fantasy scenario that you’d actually like to have happen. Then, end it with a line about what you’re ACTUALLY going to do. It’s a funny punch line. Brings things down to earth.

With something like this, you’re beating the living daylights out of the average guy on POF.

Now let’s go fishin’!

I hope you enjoyed the advice. It should be pretty easy to implement, but if you’re having any kind of trouble or you’d like some more funny examples, just post a comment below. I will respond and give you the info you need…

Also, if YOU have any wicked POF profile tips – i.e., something that has worked awesome for you – we’d love to hear about it.

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