Click Magnet Dating Podcast #12: Text and Phone Game with Mr. M

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Mr. M is a dating coach for, one of the top dating coaching companies in the world, and is the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game. He’s also been recognized for his personal dating success with high value, gorgeous women – including celebrities and a playboy playmate.

When helping guys improve their success with women, Mr. M makes full use of his innate knowledge of social dynamics and the science of dating.  He’s also mastered the art of text and phone game, and can help you go from digits to dates faster and easier than you’d ever dreamed possible.

It was my pleasure to chat with Mr. M and learn about some of his methods. I think you’ll find this interview a lot of fun (you’ll definitely laugh at some parts) and you’ll also gain a tremendous amount of skill and insight – mainly because Mr. M likes to explain his points with in-the-moment examples that are just as entertaining as they are informative…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    Phone and Text: When Is One Better Than The Other?
•    The BEST Kind of Texts for Building Attraction
•    Real-Life Texting Strategy That Works
•    Why INNER Game Is Your Most Important Asset
•    Revitalizing Old Numbers and Reviving Stale Contacts
•    The SECRET of “Callback Humor”
•    Role-Play: How to Exaggerate, Have Fun, and Leave Her Begging for More
•    Smooth and FUNNY Conversation Techniques Everybody Can Use
•    Leave a Voicemail or Not? The Pros and Cons of Leaving a Message
•    The Science of Conversation: Comfort, Attraction, Sexualization

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