Online Dating Profile – Topics That Create Trust

Man Holding Up Palm With Writing I'm TrustworthyEvery woman needs to feel some level of trust before she’ll be willing to get offline and meet you in person.

The fact is that women don’t know they’re talking to online, and on some level, that’s a bit scary. These days, everyone’s heard of someone who got scammed from online dating – or worse…

This is why it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to demonstrate to a woman that you’re a safe, trustworthy guy in your online dating profile

Women have “creep radar” on alert when communicating with new guy and if you sound the alarm – even once – you’re toast.

About this time last year in Atlanta, I was watching a guy try to pick up a cute friend of mine in a bar, and he was clearly not being himself. Something about the way he was behaving seemed fake.

In fact…

I was close enough to hear him speak, and I’m pretty sure he was using a “routine” he found in some “pick up” forum or e-book.

My friend spoke with him for about 60 seconds, then suddenly, without even saying goodbye, she B-lined it to the bathroom while he was still mid-sentence.

I asked her later why she rejected him so ruthlessly…

She said, “Something made me feel uneasy. I didn’t trust him”.

I never forgot that.

Women will drop you like a hot coal if they don’t trust you. That’s why I’m about to share a few ways to become more trustworthy online.

1. Mention your family in your online dating profile.

Social guys with strong family ties are trustworthy.

Psychologists have pretty much agreed that guys who have a great relationship with their mother are likely to have better romantic relationships – and women generally agree with this.

If you mention that your parents can’t stand that you live so far away, but you have your mom’s cell on speed dial and never let more than 2-3 months pass without a visit…

This says a whole lot about you, and how you treat women and value family.

…Just make sure you don’t go overboard and sound like a Momma’s boy.

2. Mention your friends in your profile.

Safe, trustworthy guys have a good group of friends.

… But the active or aspiring serial killers don’t – and they probably never have.

Women always enjoy safety in numbers. If you allow her to envision having fun with you and your friends, she’ll be much more likely to want to meet you.

You could, for example, paint a picture of your best friends you’ve known since high school, and write about how you’ve grown so close that they’ve become part of your extended family…

You’ve got to make it sound cool, but you get the idea…

3. Mention your pets.

You don’t want your profile to become a Poodle album, but demonstrating that you love animals also builds trust.

Although this article is mainly about the text in your profile, it’s worth mentioning that a photo of you playing fetch with your dog can go a long way with women online.

4. Mentioning kids

Mentioning that you like kids can show that you’re caring, which is great for appearing trustworthy; but beware – you’ve got to use this one carefully.

If you are emailing women that have kids, and the way you write about your love for children makes her question whether or not you could be talking with her to get to hers, you are toast.

You should also avoid the “I want kids” talk online…

Instead, mention how much you love visiting your brother’s family, because you get to be an uncle for a few hours… But you always feel bad when it’s time to leave, because little Tommy and Katie won’t let go… They’re little angels.

5. Demonstrate that you take care of yourself.

A man who takes care of himself, is well groomed, and well dressed, is more trust-worthy to a woman than someone who looks like a bum.

Obviously, looking good triggers more than just trust, but being a together guy that knows how to look his best in public is an important element of trust-building online.

Photos that show this can be all the proof you need, but if you’re going to write about it, the trick with this one is to show that you are fashion conscious without sounding like you’re a prissy pre-Madonna.

You can confess that you do care about your appearance, that you like to buy new clothes and shoes once in a while, and that you have a few GQ magazines lying on your coffee table, but after an hour or two at the mall, you always find yourself craving a cold brew and some good Southern rock.

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