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The preferred way of doing your dating profile would be writing it yourself, right? But whenever someone finds out I’m an online dating expert, it always leads to one question… Could you take a look at my profile and give me a few tweaks?

The truth is, if you could multiply the number of dates you’re going on, just by deleting or adding a few lines, who wouldn’t jump at the chance of getting a bit of online dating profile help?

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Why Hiring A Dating Expert Makes Sense

If you’re balking right now, what if I told you to trade in your stockbroker for the Wall Street journal… Fire your lawyer in favor of contracts you wrote yourself… Or fix your ingrown toenail with a rusty screwdriver instead of going to the doctor?

Okay, so maybe there’s more to lose by firing your doctor than handling your dating profile yourself, but if you could increase your monthly dates from 0 to 7… If you could multiply your chances of finding true love… The logic speaks for itself.

Oftentimes, new clients come to me and they say, “I’m afraid if you make me look really cool in my profile, I may not be able to pull it off in person…” or they’ll say, “But Scott, even if you send me on 10 dates next month, I’m just no good with women…”

These concerns aren’t that important to me, and I’ll tell you why…

Practice Makes Perfect

I don't know what I'm doingI take the baptism by fire approach to becoming an attractive guy. In fact, I’m so confident in this approach that when I have a client who’s particularly nervous around women, the first thing my team and I do is to inundate his calendar with first dates.

I don’t care if he fails on these first dates. That’s because I know without a shadow of a doubt that the more women I put him in front of, the more confident and comfortable he’s going to be, and the more successful with women he’ll be. I know this because it’s been my personal experience and I’ve seen it happen for my clients, time and time again.

Let’s face it… Chemistry is impossible to predict online and you haven’t gotten anywhere until you’ve had that very first encounter. You don’t really even know for sure what she looks like until you see her face to face… much less know if that all-important spark will ignite and both of you will feel attraction.

Whether you’re looking for a different one-night stand every Friday or you’re trying to find your soul mate, I don’t care. You’re gonna have to go on A LOT of dates.

The Best Way To Get More High-Quality Dates

Fortunately for you, I’ve got what you need. I have a team of brilliant, online dating copywriters who can craft a profile that will add rocket fuel to your dating life. We’ve identified seven highly effective attraction triggers that can make women feel very attracted to you, and we have a proven framework for putting it all together.

If you’d like to get online dating profile help from the best and begin attracting women online this very week, check out my Profile Writing Service now.

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