The Biggest Mistakes Men Make Online

Scott Valdez Talks About The Mistakes Men Make That KILL Attraction With Women Online…

I’ve noticed a few common threads when dealing with guys who are struggling to meet women online.

If you’re making these mistakes, there’s good news and bad news…

You are WASTING your time and money on online dating sites.

… And that’s the good news!

The bad news is… you are going to continue to be frustrated, lonely, and dateless, until you change your approach.

When you look into the mirror, your inner voice will whisper that you are a loser, because you cannot attract women.

You NEED to revamp your approach and formulate a new game plan…

Life is SO MUCH better when you know that you don’t have to worry about meeting as many women as you want… You can relax and take control of other parts of your life, because this part is “handled”.

You can boldly face the world feeling like a champion because you have as many women as you desire meeting you, thanks to your new online dating skills…

And of course, when you stop making these common mistakes, not only can you meet loads of women, you will also have the ability to find the one that truly makes you happy.

If you’re making these common mistakes, let’s clean that up right away so you can get to the FUN parts of meeting women online!

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make Online …

Mistake #1: Being A Winker

Stay away from winking. When you send a woman an empty wink, at best it makes you come across as VERY lazy… but more likely, you will seem desperate. Men who wink at women all the time aren’t selective – they will take ANY woman who shows interest in return. This is unattractive.

Mistake #2: Using A Bad Profile Picture (Or No Picture)

According to the book “Freakonomics”, a woman is 8 times more likely to click on a profile that has at least one picture, versus a profile that has no picture. This data was collected in the early part of the decade…

I believe that these days, now that even the ‘cool kids’ are down with online dating, this number is MUCH higher. In spite of the hard data, there are still guys out there who don’t post pictures on their profiles.

Even if you do have one, there’s at least a 95% chance you could stand to look a LOT better in your picture.

And I’m not even talking about your physical looks…

There are a lot of ways to make sure your photos capture you at your very best so that women will find you more attractive online. For example, we’ve collected data that proves that using a professional photo for your main profile picture can substantially increase your response rate, especially for men in their 30s and above…

But it has to be taken in the right way, or it can also be your demise.

Research by OkCupid on its members’ profile pictures revealed that users were seen as exponentially more attractive based on the lighting, facial expression, and quality of the camera used.

Women also look to see what your other pictures say about you… Do you seem boring or adventurous? Do you look like a drunken idiot in your party pictures? Do your pictures make you seem trustworthy?

Mistake #3: Having A Weak Subject Line.

Many women get bombarded with so many messages on dating sites every day that reading all of them would take way more time than they want to spend online… So they don’t. Instead, they scan the pictures while looking at the subject lines for ones that grab their attention. If your subject line is boring, predictable, or just plain lame, then the blonde bombshell you’ve been eying is not even going to bother opening it.


You’ve got to write a subject line that leaves her DYING to know what’s in your email. You’ve got to use mystery, thrill, and suspense. We usually accomplish this by using what we call a “cliff hanger”…

More on that later, let’s move on…

Mistake #4: Trying To Impress Her And Sending ‘Ice-Breaker’ Messages That Scream “Insecure”.

Rather than communicate that they are selective, cool guys worth spending time with, most guys use their first message to try and “impress” women. Their initial email usually says something like:

Subject: Hi!

Body: “Well, I’m sure you get this a lot but you are really beautiful. I really like your profile and I think that we have a lot in common. I like surfing too, and I’m also a movie buff. I would really like to meet you… here’s my number…

Women get that kind of email all the time. Instead, start your email with a compelling story or entertaining banter that is bound to make her smile… or at least feel something… anything!

Here’s an example:

Subject: “Other” as your job description…

Body: is a bit disconcerting. Judging by your picture, that profession just might be child smuggling… What other secrets are hidden behind that innocent smile? That you’re a French spy? That you’re a money launderer? What other accusations could your enemies launch against you?

Mistake #5: Trying To Convince Women Of Your Attractive Qualities in Your Profile

Most men make the mistake of using a long laundry list of “good qualities” in their dating profiles. They think that somehow women will instantly feel attracted if they say, “I am a fun, loyal, kind, and easy-going guy…”


Attraction is not logical, and you must engage women’s emotions if you want to be able to attract them consistently. A laundry list of your qualities will get you nowhere.

Mistake #6: Showing A Different Image in Your Profile Text Than Your Pictures

This happens a lot when men use copy-and-paste templates and techniques from online dating “gurus”.

Even if you use a fake online persona to attract a woman online, your “true self” shines through anyway. She will see it in your pictures…

Or, perhaps she might clue in when talks to you on the phone…

When you act inconsistently around women, they get confused, and then they stop talking to you…

How To Fix These Common Mistakes:

I dedicate a chapter to solving each one of these mistakes in the Click Magnet Dating System.

I teach you how to:

  • Capture a woman’s attention online without coming across as a lazy, desperate winker.
  • Select the most effective photos possible (with free help from hundreds of women online), tweak them to make them even better, and use them to build attraction and inspire trust with women.
  • Create subject lines that leave women DYING to know what’s waiting inside your email message, and outline exactly what to say so that she will want to meet up with you.

The best part is… I show you how to do all of this by being YOURSELF so you don’t have to use any gimmicky pick up lines.

I’ve invested a TON of time, effort and energy into building a system that WORKS, so that other guys wouldn’t have to struggle the way I did when I first started meeting women online. I stand by my product so confidently that I have a 30-day 110% money back guarantee.

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