How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

Scott Reveals Secrets To Breaking The Ice With Attractive Women Online…

By Scott Valdez

As men, we face a BIG dilemma when meeting girls online… on the one hand, we want hot women.

…On the other hand, hot women can be very DIFFICULT to spark a conversation with…

But allow me to defend the beautiful ladies for a moment.

Have you ever seen the email inbox of an attractive woman?

It’s a deluge…

It’s a rampage…

It’s a freaking Tsunami of lame messages from clueless men.

Attractive women are completely numb from the countless weak, insecure, needy guys who keep trying to “impress” them online.

It’s gotten so bad, that women PAY my company, Virtual Dating Assistants (ViDA), an average of $600 per month to weed out the losers for them… And we do our weeding with a pesticide plane…

Well, here you thought I was supposed to help you meet women online, but my team’s actually been keeping them from you – the ones who pay, anyway.

If you want to be successful meeting women online, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that you formulate a different game plan.

When you know how to start conversations with women the right way, you literally have an unfair advantage…

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

A great way to initiate a two-way conversation with a woman is by asking her an open-ended question.

The trick is that your question should be intriguing enough to incite her response but easy enough for her to answer quickly.

When I say easy, I mean that you’ll have to ask about her views on Nietzschean philosophy later. Don’t ask her difficult stuff… If she has to think too hard about her answer, she won’t.

Remember, attraction isn’t logical. This means that if she’s thinking, she isn’t feeling attraction.

In addition to being easy, the question must also be entertaining.

Get her emotions stimulated. Ask her about the kinds of things that touch women on an emotional level.

For instance, boring old interview questions don’t stimulate her emotions.

Ask about drama, conspiracy, and adventure… these subjects engage her emotions and allow attraction to build.

You can say something like:

I noticed that, like me, you also have an expensive addiction to travel. So tell me…if someone offered you an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world leaving tomorrow, where would you head?


So you mention that your friends say you’re outgoing, kind and open-minded… that’s great. But, really, what I want to know is…what would your enemies say?

See the elements of drama, conspiracy and adventure in these?

An attractive woman will feel compelled to respond, because you’ve lead her to a place she can’t resist.

These topics whisk her away to one of her favorite places… the land of fantasy.

You might be the kind of person who needs practice to master a certain skill. Writing emails that are compelling, interesting, and attractive (and get responses), takes effort.

But lucky for you, I’ve outlined detailed step-by-step proven methods for starting conversations with a girl online. Using these methods, you’ll be able to consistently get women interested in talking to you and meeting with you in person – guaranteed – after trying the Click Magnet Dating System. Try it RISK FREE for 60 days.