Click Magnet Dating Podcast #7: ‘Meet More Women’ with Douglas Hall

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Douglas Hall, veteran dating coach and author of the book “Meet More Women”, has been immersed in the dating scene since 1987. In 2007, he founded DateMasters, which offers strategies for meeting tons of beautiful women fast.

One really unique thing about Douglas’ methodology for meeting women is the way he takes the ‘game playing’ out of the equation.  In a way, you could say that Douglas is a numbers man – but in reality, I think you’ll find his system is much more sophisticated than that…

So, without further introduction, I’m very excited to unveil the interview I conducted with the “Date Master” himself, Douglas Hall.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • The Absolute Necessity of Meeting Tons Women Every Day – How Many Is Enough?
  • FOUR Things to do to Meet LOTS of Women Fast – And Screen Them With Lightning Efficiency.
  • How to Internalize and Radiate Confidence – for Dating Success.
  • Simple High Speed Approaches – Testing if She LIKES You and Getting to the Bottom Line.
  • Why You Must Look Your Best – And the BEST Book to Show You How.
  • Dealing with Rejection – Why “No” is Nothing to Worry About.
  • The Science of Abundance Reality – Douglas Hall’s Secret to Having More Girls than Heffner.
  • The BIGGEST Giveaways that Prove She’s into You.
  • First Dates for Success… Weeding out the Gold Diggers and How to be Efficient.
  • Letting Go of Girls Ruthlessly, Relentlessly, and Joyfully.
  • Women Can SMELL the Fact You’re Meeting Lots of Women and Why this is a Good Thing.
  • Making her Laugh so She Perceives You as a Confident Man.
  • Why You NEVER Need to Settle for a Girl Unless She Makes Your Eyes Spin.

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