How To Meet Latin American Women Online

You, Too, Can Meet Beautiful Latinas In Your Boxers And Experience Their Passion In Person…

Beautiful Latin American Women

Latin American women are some of the most beautiful on the face of the Earth. Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina undoubtedly produce more top models than any other four countries located within the same continent.

Yes, my friend, the rumors are true… the women of South America are hot. Scorching hot.

And thanks to the internet, you can meet them in your boxers.

Argentina hasn’t quite hopped on the online dating bandwagon yet, but it will come around soon enough and that still doesn’t mean you can’t meet sexy Argentine women online.

While living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a few years, I met more than my fair share of Argentine hotties online. There were a decent number of girls on and OkCupid, but in order to get lots of dates, I had to supplement it with social networks like Facebook, CouchSurfing and ASmallWorld.

Argentine women are insanely beautiful, in a European kind of way… But if you want a curvy, exotic Latina, you’ve got to head further north. This breed of woman is more sexy and exciting anyway, in my opinion (ahem, expert opinion).

That’s why Brazil was my go-to vacation destination. And there are few greater pleasures in the world than knowing you’ve got sexy “Cariocas” (girls from Rio de Janiero) waiting for you before you even set foot on Brazilian soil. If you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty damn easy to meet girls online while traveling using Although it took some digging around, I struck gold in Rio using that site… more than once.

Curvy, exotic Latinas are also a big part of why, in August of 2011, I found an apartment in Colombia and lived there 10 months. It’s an absolutely amazing country for meeting women online these days, especially if you can speak some Spanish.

Plus, Medellin happens to be a great city to live in, and no Colombian will deny it’s got the country’s most beautiful women. I know what you’re thinking, but forget the dangerous drug cartels. They’re gone, but the women stayed.

I imagine a lot of Venezuelan cities are similarly awesome for dating, but damn is that country dangerous. The point of meeting girls online is getting them in person and — if you desire — taking it to the next level (whatever that means for you). I guess the reason that I’ve yet to try Venezuela is because the prospect of getting to that “next level” just doesn’t justify risking my life…

So, I think you get the point. Start next door in Colombia or Brazil. If you play your cards right, the women in those countries will make you a very happy man.

How To Meet Insane Latin American Women Online

Step 1: Move There Or “Plan” A Trip

Listen, you can try to meet women in South America while living on another continent even if you don’t have any specific travel dates in mind. And you will probably have some success.

However, women will be much more responsive to your messages if you’re already there or can at least mention when you’ll be visiting their city. Remember: you can set the travel dates before making any reservations and change those dates later if you don’t get the quantity and quality of women lined up that you’d like to meet.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Solid Online Dating Photos.

Rock solid photos are crucial. Read this post about two steps to improving your dating photos for more on this subject.

Step 3: Create A Magnetic Profile On

This is the Mack Daddy of South American online dating databases.

If dating sites or ring a bell, then you’ve already heard of this database. The parent company, Cupid Media, owns all three of these and the user base is exactly the same no matter which one you join.

I’ve heard a couple guys say they met hot girls on, but frankly, I’ve never tried it for myself or for clients because: a) I don’t trust AnastasiaDate International, the company that owns the site; and b) I never needed it, because Cupid Media’s database in Latin America is so deep that it shouldn’t be necessary if you get a decent response rate.

When I say “magnetic profile”, I’m referring to a profile that draws her in, pushes her curiosity button, and leaves her wanting more. You need to write a profile that stands out from the competition.

Step 4: Create & Test 2-3 Copy-And-Paste Icebreaker Templates

Trust me, writing a witty, thoughtful message to each girl in order to show her you read her profile and really connected with something she said is one of the biggest time-wasting mistakes men make..

Women on international dating sites like and think templates are normal, and generally won’t respond more quickly just because it’s obvious you read her profile. In fact, most of their profiles don’t really even give you much to work with at all.

So, spend some time creating 2-3 of the best message templates you can, and test each of them out on an even number of women to see which one gets the most responses. Or, if you don’t want to rotate them evenly, keep track of how many times you send each one and how many replies it generates, so that you can calculate each template’s response rate.

When you’ve found a winner, start using that one more exclusively, and if you want, test it against another rock-solid idea. In other words, be very systematic. It’s the smart way, and I know you’ll be smart about this because you want the hottest women possible.

Pro Tip: As I just alluded to a moment ago, the vast majority of women that post profiles on this site write extremely short profiles that don’t tell you anything about themselves. Create and test a template (or two) that teases them about that and mentions that it makes you wonder what they are hiding behind that innocent smile. Be creative and come up with your own twist that’s all but guaranteed to make her smile.

Step 5: Exchange A Few Messages & Move Things Off The Site

When a girl writes back on, I usually go for the number when she sends me her second or third message. Even though I was living in the same city as her, I preferred to go for the number instead of going straight for the date, because if I could get her on the phone, the chances of her flaking decreased substantially. I’m pretty seasoned on the phone, so this step really helps me to solidify the in-person meet up.

If she didn’t have a lot of pictures on the dating site, sometimes I would move things to Facebook before asking for her number, so I could hopefully see more photos there and make sure I wanted to meet her in the first place.

My Confession…

Now, I want to admit something. When I was going on my ideal 3-5 online dates per week while living in Colombia, I didn’t really even use that often. I actually spent more time on that site setting up dates for clients and friends that came in town than I did for myself.

Why? As someone who was only looking for more casual relationships, speaks Spanish, and was already in the same city as the girls, there happened to be one other site that was a better fit for me.

If any of the following apply to you, then you probably shouldn’t try out my alternative dating strategy: a) you do not speak the local language; b) you have your eyes set on the long term; c) you won’t be in a Latin American city very soon. A Great Option For A Small Group Of Guys

badoo logoWhile living in Medellin, I was killing it on, a “social network” that is really only used for dating. Wikipedia calls it a “dating-focused social network” but it’s basically just the best free, chat-driven, casual dating solution ever to hit the Latin American market.

And, if you’ve got some conversational Spanish (Colombia) or Portuguese (Brazil) under your belt, it couldn’t be easier. The reason you need the language is that, as I mentioned, it’s chat-driven (think instant messaging, not chat rooms). And when you’re chatting live, one-on-one, you’ve got to be quick on your feet, which is hard to achieve when you’re going back and forth between the chat box and Google Translator.

If the percentage of Colombians that spoke English were higher, this wouldn’t be such a game killer, but the percentage is surprisingly low. I haven’t spent as much time in Brazil, but I believe it’s similar.

Here’s The Million-Dollar Badoo Secret: Use the Spotlight feature to get tons of eyeballs on your profile for chump change. Spotlight puts your photo and profile info at the top of every main Badoo page within the local area where you’re trying to meet women.

I got an insane amount of attention when I did this, especially the first time.

Some girls that check you out will message you, but the hottest ones generally will not. When you see a hottie checked out your profile but didn’t send you a message, just send her something like this: “Vi que pasaste por mi perfil y ni me saludaste! Mi mama me dice que soy guapo… no estas de acuerdo o que!?! :p” (I saw you passed by my profile and didn’t even say hello! My mom tells me I’m handsome… you don’t agree or what!?! :p)

This line virtually guarantees a response.

Once you’re chatting with a girl for 10 minutes or so, ask how to find her on Facebook. If she says she doesn’t use Facebook, ask her if she has MSN Messenger. It’s very rare that she honestly has neither.

You always want to get her off Badoo as quickly as possible. Always. Once you’ve got her on another site, you can chat with her more there, and try to go for her number. Often times, they won’t give their number the first day you chat with them, but they will the second time… so be patient.

I’ve also had a lot of success inviting girls to meet me out one-on-one or with friends at the last minute by chat when she told me she didn’t have plans that night. These are usually girls I already met another day, but I did have several that started getting ready to meet up within an hour minutes of the first message. If you strike while she’s bored at home, a lot of times she’ll jump at the opportunity to meet you out for drinks.

All The Real Fun Begins Offline

Colombian and Brazilian women are some of the nicest and most sensual women you will ever encounter. When you meet them, you will know what I mean about the former, and if you have some “alone time” with them, you will know exactly what I mean by the latter.

But none of this happens until you get them in person. So don’t spend weeks or months exchanging back and forth messages with women online. Schedule a trip, play the numbers game, and meet a lot of them quickly. In my opinion, this is the only way to do it.

If you’d like help meeting Latin American women online, you can hire me and my team of experts here at ViDA. We’ll guide you through the process and even do it all for you if you want.

If you prefer to go at it alone, that’s fine. But I wouldn’t recommend reinventing the wheel by trying to figure it all out yourself. Believe me: most men will never crack the code to creating a magnetic dating profile, writing killer copy and paste messages, and consistently converting responses into dates.

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