Podcast #22: How To Become A “Ten Magnet” with Chris Shepherd

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Chris Shepherd is a very well-regarded dating coach and instructor from Love Systems. He’s mentored some of the top guys in the industry and has a very deep emphasis on natural game.

His skills put him up in the ranks with some of the very best seducers on earth and the results he gets work to describe him in just two simple words: ‘Model Magnet’. This is why he’s known by many in the seduction community as “Tenmagnet” instead of Chris.

Men all over the world seek him out for help with improving their success with highly-attractive women through growing personally, changing their attitudes, building conversational skills and better understanding where women are coming from.

In this podcast, Chris will share some of his very best advice on meeting and attracting women online, building comfort with them over the phone, and amplifying the attraction on the first date.

From the beginning of the interview, it’s super clear why Chris is a pro. He’s a highly organized speaker who conveys his points in a way that’s really easy to understand… and he doesn’t waste a single second without giving away some extremely valuable techniques.

The best part of what you’re about to learn is that you can start using most of this stuff IMMEDIATLY to dramatically improve your success with women. In fact, it may not be a bad idea to listen to this one a couple times to make sure you take advantage of every last bit.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    How Online Dating (Almost) Saved Chris’s Life
•    Meeting Women Online vs. Meeting Them Offline: Which is the Best?
•    How Your Photos and Their Content Affect Attraction Online
•    The BEST Ways to Construct Your First-Contact Icebreaker Emails
•    Texting or Calling: What’s the Preferred Way to Get in Touch?
•    The FIRST Thing to Say that Creates Comfort Over the Phone
•    Delving into Who You Are in the Very First Phone Call
•    How to Walk the Line of Showing Interest without Being Needy
•    When a Woman Flakes: What can Guys do to Repair the Situation?
•    AWESOME Ideas for Interesting First Dates: Strategies for Success
•    Taking the Lead on the First Date: Staying in Control of the Situation
•    One Solid Strategy for Extending Time and Rapport on a First Date
•    Why Chris Shepherd and Love Systems are The Real Deal

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