JDate Profile Tips

JDate screenshotWho says you’ve got to put on a yarmulke and go to temple every Saturday to make your Jewish mother proud? JDate.com is literally brimming with beautiful Jewish girls, and if you create a magnetically attractive profile with these JDate profile tips, you can have more hot dates than you can handle…

The women on JDate are looking to meet men with similar religious backgrounds. The site is well organized and user-friendly, and if you can get your profile up to snuff, the girls on JDate will be especially eager to take things offline.

How do I know this? My team and I have had a lot of success putting Jewish clients on JDate. In fact, for Jewish guys, I’d rank this site up there with my other top favorites – Match and OkCupid.  So if you’re Jewish and want to date girls of your faith, setting things up right on this site will definitely be worth your while.

How To Write A JDate Profile

JDate has an ‘About me’ section just like Match.com so refer to my article about how to write a Match.com profile for that section.

Additionally, JDate has a “Tell us more about the person you are looking for” section, and this should be written just like OkCupid’s “You should message me if…” section. So, before you get started writing your profile, be sure to check out my earlier post on OkCupid profile tips too.

i don't have a good answer gifJDate does have some challenging questions you won’t find on Match or OkCupid. And a few of these questions are virtually begging you to say the wrong thing… so those are the ones I want to focus on.

Here’s how to fill out those questions like a pro, while steering clear of red flags that could ruin your chances with a girl. I’ll walk you through the three most challenging sections one at a time:

What is your idea of the perfect first date?

The best advice here is to avoid taking the question seriously. The first meet up with a girl from the internet is probably going to last 30 minutes to an hour and involve a cup of coffee at a local café. While there’s definitely a chance the sparks will fly and leave your head spinning from the awesome chemistry, a Starbucks encounter is a hard one to frame as an exciting rendezvous.

Guys who try and answer this question in all seriousness often come off as kind of desperate for a date, and lacking dating experience. Don’t worry though; I’m going to show you how to pull this section off with flying colors.

Excite her and stimulate her imagination with an epic fantasy scenario. Keep it light-hearted and adventurous. Finally, try ending with the description of your typical routine. Make sure it’s utterly mundane in comparison, and you’ll definitely get her laughing.  Something like this would be great:

Let’s go for a long drive along the Mediterranean coast. Then share gelato and champagne, as we gaze off into the sea. We’ll walk in the warm surf as the tide comes in at sunset, until we’re so tired all we can do is collapse in the sand and gaze up at the stars…

…OR, we couuuld just grab a quick espresso at Starbucks 😉

What is your perception of the ideal relationship?

For this section, keep things conversational and build comfort by using the words “we” and “us.” You want to build rapport while putting the idea in her head of how awesome a relationship would be with you.

Avoid talking about past relationship failures here and never turn it into a complaining session.  For older guys, keep it positive. For younger guys, try and spice it up a little by throwing some humor into the mix.

Here’s a good example:

“One where we’re best friends first. We’re devoted to each other and rely on each other, but still have our own lives…”

And with a little humor:

“How about one that doesn’t involve us spending the next 10 years throwing the family china at each other across the living room and end with us fighting over our poor poodle Fluffy in divorce court? ;)”

What have you learned from past relationships?

This section is by far the most challenging. A woman asking this question on a first date might even catch a seasoned Casanova off guard. That’s why I’d suggest you leave it blank, especially if you’re not over a past relationship. It’s really easy for a touch of bitterness to come through, and then its red flag city.

If you’d like to give it a go, though, stay positive and mention something general that women complain about, like ‘listening’ or ‘laughing.’ You could even try shifting the focus from your past relationship failures to your parents’ successes:

I’ve learned laughing so hard it hurts regularly and frequently is one of the secrets to great relationships – my parents are definitely proof. Ask me about April Fool’s day at my house growing up, I’ve got some hilarious stories…

Not so hard, is it? Granted, JDate profiles are tricky because of all the sensitive questions… But this is actually one of the reasons I like the site so much. So many guys answer JDate’s questions the wrong way, when you answer them the right way, it puts you miles ahead of the competition – and it will get you a lot of real-world dates in the process.

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