Click Magnet Dating Podcast #9: ‘Unleash Your True Masculinity’ with Ivan Dyn

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Ivan Dyn is the creator of and the author of an eBook called “Unleash Your True Masculinity: Attract the Women of your Dreams.”  His unique approach combines psychology, personal growth, and spirituality to help men break free from the emotional baggage makes it possible to create real, passionate, and meaningful relationships with women.

Ivan takes a holistic approach toward dating.  He helps guys peel the onion layers of insecurity off their emotional shell to reveal their innate masculine core.  He teaches men to bring this core into the present so they can exude the kind of masculine energy that women love.  Ivan gives his students the tools to create the kind of passionate relationships most men (and women) only dream of having.

I enjoyed spending some time on the line with Ivan and I think you will enjoy some of the wisdom he shared…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    How Your Past Can Mess You Up with Women
•    The BEST Way to Get Your Power Back in Relationships
•    A Simple Chinese Healing Technique EVERYONE Should Know
•    The SECRET of Building Your Masculine Core
•    Affirmation and Meditation:  Does it Work?
•    The NECESSITY of Bringing Your Masculinity to the Present
•    Flirting Prerequisites for Phenomenal First Dates
•    Open Body Language vs. Closed Body Language
•    Dating Technique: The DANGER of Knowing Too Much
•    Common Mistakes with Typical Dating Advice

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