Is Your Online Dating Profile Missing This Key Element?

If You Want Your Profile To Attract Women Like A Magnet, You Must Paint An Irresistible Picture In This Precise Way…

Man Holding Up A Big MagnetYour online dating profile – more than anything else – will make or break your success online.

It’s the one place where you get to cut to the chase, and spit out why you’re so awesome, and why a woman might want to meet you in person.

Not only do you get to present your best self online, your online dating profile is like your virtual ambassador; it attracts women for you, even when you’re not around – even while you sleep.

Writing A Great Profile Isn’t Hard…

Writing an online dating profile that sparks an inferno of attraction in women isn’t hard – in the same way that it’s not hard to strike a match and start a real fire…

But starting a fire was literally considered an act of magic long ago, because it was so unfathomably difficult to do.

Neither starting a fire, nor writing a profile, comes naturally…

…and unless you have some intense experience with writing, it won’t be easy to figure out how to write a good online dating profile without help from someone like me.

But once you learn… it’s easy…

Here's The Key

A good online dating profile does something very special – it makes a woman feel attraction for you. Good profiles trigger an emotional response from a woman.

The only way to get a woman on a date is to make her feel good about you. If a woman feels attraction for you, then it doesn’t necessarily matter what a woman thinks. If she’s attracted enough, she will find some way to justify being with you.

If you’ve ever met a woman who’s head over heels in love with an abusive loser jerk, then you’ve already seen this first hand.

Jerks know how to make women feel attracted – so many women cling onto the tiniest redeeming qualities they can find in them, because emotion beats logic every time.

Are You Making This Common Mistake?

Don’t ever tell a woman what you are like… this is a clear sign that you are trying to make a woman think you’re nice, instead of making her feel attracted to you.

I'm nice gifA classic example of this:

“Everyone who knows me will say I’m a pretty nice guy. I’m easy going, and I’m really loyal. I always have my friends back.

“I am studying to become a chemical engineer at the university of blah blah blah, and in my free time, I like to travel.”

Telling a woman what you’re like never works. She might logically understand that you’re a good guy, but without getting an emotional experience of what you’re like, she will never go out with you.

…worse yet, if you claim outright that you are one way, women won’t believe you and may even assume the opposite; so if you mention in your profile that you’re confident, she may actually assume that you are an insecure wuss.

If you want a woman to read your profile and feel attracted to you, don’t tell her what you’re like, use your words to show her what you’re like.

In other words…

Write Your Profile By “Painting A Picture”

A good online dating profile effectively shows a woman what you’re like by painting a picture of your life.

The key to this is to write with descriptive language….

As your English teacher would say, “Show – don’t tell!”

Don’t tell her that you’re loyal…

…Say, “I’ve got high standards for my friends, but once they’re in my ‘circle of trust’ they know they can count on me for anything — short of maybe burying the guy in the trunk.” Or “I’ve got friends all over the globe that know they’re welcome to crash at my place any time… so it seems like I always have someone in town.

When writing a profile, it helps to stick to topics that women are more likely to find attractive. I’ve written in depth about the main attraction triggers in an online dating profile, but adventure, spontaneity and passion are great places to start.

But remember not to say, “I’m adventurous…”

Show her how you’re adventurous: “No phone, no money, no food. Just a hunting knife, my mountain bike, and my pride – that’s how I start my summers off because I live for the thrills. When I’m splashing through torrential mud, whizzing through different shades of green, so fast that every creature of the forest hums – that’s when I’m in heaven…

See the difference?

A good profile carefully takes a woman by the hand, and walks her through a little museum about you and why you’re awesome.

It’s one thing that will take you a long way when it comes to meeting lots of high-quality women online.

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