Profile Headlines: How To Grab Her Attention With Yours

If Your Dating Profile Isn’t Getting Lots of Attention, This May Be The Problem…

where was the effort hereYour profile headline is only one sentence – but it’s a very important sentence… without it, women have no incentive to read your profile in the first place.

Headlines are so important that marketers revere them with an almost pseudo-religious nature…

I’m not joking…

If you look at any magazine on a newsstand, there’s a great chance that the people who wrote the headline on the cover of the magazine got paid more than that people wrote the articles inside…

Nothing happens until you’ve gotten a woman’s attention. That’s why, if your profile description is king, then your profile headline is the crown.

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The Key To Success

Every good dating profile must have 3 elements:

  1. It must capture attention.
  2. It must be entertaining.
  3. It must get her to read further.

Headlines often have some humor, or “shocking” element, that immediately engages a woman’s emotions, and compels her to want to know more.

A good profile headline can also be an incomplete story. The story can begin in the headline, and end in the profile description. As such, it can force women to read your profile in order to satisfy their curiosity.

This also known as a cliffhanger…

Here are some examples:

My touchdown won the trophy with just seconds on the clock…

Profile Text: …OK, so the game was my family's annual thanksgiving back yard super bowl and the trophy was made of aluminum foil, but it still counts, right?

Notice the “shock” factor I mentioned before…

There’s so much tension in this headline, that women are compelled to find out what comes next…

dating profile tip

Here’s another for comparison:

… And then there was the time I nearly got arrested in Thailand…

Profile Text: … in other languages things don’t always mean what you think they mean when you say them.

Think of the wildest adventure you’ve ever had.

That’s a good start.

Can you write a headline about the climax of this adventure?

Were you hanging onto a cliff with only one land?

Did Donald Trump make you an offer you couldn’t refuse?

Were you surfing at sunset when you saw a shark’s fin?

These are exaggerations that I made up…

You definitely don’t have to make up a story in order to write a good headline. Often times, the best ones come from real life.

What’s more important than concocting a fake story is to come up with something that paints a vivid picture in her mind.

As with many other areas online, descriptive imagery is highly important for your profile headline – and you can make a game of chess sound as suspenseful as a gunfight if you spun it the right way…

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