How To Write A Match Profile

How To Write A Match ProfileYour online dating profile is the foundation of who you are online, and it needs to portray you and your best attributes in a way that sets you apart from the pack.

It also needs to attract the specific kind of woman found on the specific kind of site you’re using. is one of the best sites for meeting women, but you can find virtually every type of woman on it.

So how do you write a profile for that attracts all these different kinds of women to you like a magnet?

Well, there’s a ton of great stuff on our blog that walks you through the process of creating great usernames, great dating headlines and writing an awesome About Me section…

But what about the different sections of the profile that are unique to the site?

First Things First…

You need to realize that women read every last drop of your profile, looking for any reason to reject you. They read between the lines and search for any cracks in your foundation.

That’s why it pays to invest a bit of time into making your profile perfect, and that includes the little parts at the bottom just as much as it includes the main About Me section.

So let’s see what you can do to make sure your Match profile is capable of attracting the wide variety of women you can find on the site. I’ll break it down piece by piece.

About Me

The About Me section is the main bulk of your Match profile. You’ll want to keep it between 250 to 350 words in length. You’ll want to showcase your alpha male characteristics (excitement, adventure, financial stability, stable job, etc.), but not through adjectives, through examples. Little mini stories are the best way to achieve this.

At ViDA, one of our favorite ways to begin the About Me is with a fun, adventurous and interesting story from recent life. Just jump right into it, but make sure it pulls her in, and it’s so interesting she can’t help but read more. Something like this would be good:

Sure you’re strapped onto a giant parachute, your paragliding instructor doesn’t speak a lick of English, and the wind could slam you back into the cliff-face at a moment’s notice… but that doesn’t *really* happen, does it? Well, I’d already convinced my best friend to come along, so there wasn’t any backing out of it…

Then, continue with the rest of your story but don’t let the intro take up more than about 25% of your About Me. Let it flow into some talk about your typical life on the weekends, spending time with friends and family and what you love to do most. Or, if you have an exciting job, touch on that topic a bit. We usually break things up into four paragraphs.

Remember to use language that employs the senses (I’ll talk more about this when I tell you how to write the other sections), but the key is to make your About Me sensually immersive. Rather than telling her that you’re adventurous and successful, paint this picture with mini stories and let her come to the same conclusion from the evidence provided.

Reserve the last paragraph (the last 25%) of the About Me for talking about your ideal match. You want to challenge her by describing your true ideal. Don’t worry about disqualifying a ton of women either – it’s often the ones you disqualify that you’ll hear from first! Women will write you just to see if they’re good enough to meet your high standards.

Finally, end this section with a “call to action.” Be clear what she should do next. Remember, you’re the alpha male, and you’re leading the interaction. The fact is, some women require this tiny little nudge before they’re able to take things to the next level.

Try experimenting with your own “calls to action” or something simple like this:

If you think we might get along, send me a message or a wink and let’s chat…

For Fun

The For Fun section is your opportunity to show how fun you are, so you have to make sure the things you write actually ARE fun to people other than yourself.

However, even if you do list fun things, there is one mistake that nearly EVERY guy makes when it comes to this section (and also the favorite hotspots and favorite things sections). And that mistake causes even the most exciting activities to sound incredibly boring…

The problem is that most guys just LIST the things they do for fun. They’ll say something like this:

Go to the movies, foreign travel, spend time with my family, golfing, swimming, and reading.

But simply listing things isn’t going to show her how fun they are… you’ve got to write them in a fun way. Describe what the activity with rich language that pulls her into the experience.

Here’s a much more attractive and sensual way to handle this section:

Snacking on hot popcorn while laughing at the latest comedy at the movies. Digging my toes into Caribbean sand while feeling the warm sun against my skin. Swimming. Rounding up my friends for a last-minute European adventure.

See how this uses the same information in the first example, but presents it in a more sensual and interesting way? The description includes the senses… and it has a way of pulling you in and makes you wonder, “who is this guy and what else does he do for fun?

It’s okay to list a couple single word responses (like how we wrote swimming­), but try and keep them to a minimum.

Finally, remember to include alpha male evidence – i.e. that you have a close circle of friends, you’re a leader, you’re financially stable, physically active and fun.

My Job

Do your best to make the My Job section interesting even if you have a boring job. If  you’re an accountant, an auditor or something else that doesn’t sound extremely exciting on paper, remember that a stable job is extremely attractive to a women. You’ll need to come up with a fun way to talk about it.

How about this:

I save businesses from committing financial suicide on a daily basis…

My Religion

I’d suggest you talk about your religion in this section only if you’re really passionate about it. By the time you get to writing you profile, you’ve already been asked to select it from a mandatory pull-down menu. Religion is a personal matter that’s usually best discussed in person later.

Favorite Hot Spots

The Favorite Hot Spots section is a great way for you to showcase your travel prowess by mixing in a couple foreign places into your hot spots. Also refer to your local tastes and any other places you enjoy.

Again, use fun and descriptive phrases that make her want to go to those places with you. Say something like:

A hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in Tahiti (best margaritas on Earth), London, and Jim’s BBQ on 4th Street – if I ate there for the rest of my life I’d die happy… and young.

Favorite Things

Here’s another place for you to avoid lists and get creative and sensual with your descriptions… include things that prove you’re a stable and exciting guy. DO NOT say:

My iPhone, shoes, food, sleep, video games…

Everybody says super obvious stuff like that and it’s really boring. How about something like this?

The way my niece smiles from ear to ear every Christmas morning. An epic beach day with my best friends and a cooler of ice cold beer. Cutting fresh powder with my snowboard on a last minute trip to Vail. Laughter.

Last Read

Maybe you’ve got a cool book you just finished that you want to mention, but if the last thing you read was a trade magazine for dentists, skip it…

I’ve always thought that if you have a really solid profile, this section will take away from it. It’s not easy to find something interesting or intriguing to put in this section, but if you want to give it a go, here’s an example of how to keep it as fun as possible:

The Mockingbird Diaries. Modern fiction at its finest… trust me, you’ll love it.

Writing a killer profile isn’t so hard once you start putting your ideas down on paper. Best of all, these strategies will give you a magnetic profile that builds female attraction like nothing else.

But don’t take my word for it. Be a scientist. Try it out and see if you suddenly have more beautiful women in your life.

The Click Magnet Dating System

A tricked out profile with the elements described above can exponentially increase your success, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online dating mastery. If you truly want to push the limits of what you thought was possible in your dating life, check out The Click Magnet Dating System now.

Has this advice or anything different worked for you? If you’ve got some killer profile writing technique, we want to hear about it. Post a comment below and tell us what you think…

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