How To Write A Dating Profile That Attracts Women

Writing a dating profile is SO easy that you could do it on a smart phone while standing in line at a Starbucks…

i got nothing gifHowever, writing a magnetically-attractive dating profile that ensures you’ll have a beautiful woman wrapped in your arms as you wait in that line… now that is much more difficult.

In just a second, I’ll reveal a powerfully effective trick for how to write a dating profile that sets you apart from all the other men online. The extra dates in your calendar will make you glad you took the time. But first, let me tell you a bit about my story

What We Can Do For You

I struggled with online dating for well over a year before I finally started figuring it out and getting my own dating life “handled.” Later, I decided I wanted to help other normal guys like me experience the same abundance in their dating lives, so I started a boutique marketing firm to do just that.

We assume our clients’ identities online, re-write their profiles, select their pictures and write their dating emails to get them real world dates with attractive women. Basically, all our clients have to do is keep track of their calendars and show up for the dates we set up.

Our strategies work because we employ many of the same techniques used by the marketing teams of giant corporations (think: Mac, Budweiser, Coca Cola, & Sports Illustrated).

Granted, selling a 40-year-old accountant without a hair left on his head to a 29-year-old bombshell is a little trickier than convincing a soccer mom to drink Coke Zero. But when I started ViDA, I had a pretty good idea what worked to attract women who were “out of my league” on paper. After years of testing my techniques, I know what works.

The First Step To An Attractive Dating Profile

Without any further ado, here’s a super easy thing you can do right now to tweak out your dating profile and make it more effective.

Dump The Adjectives (Or Get Dumped Yourself)

When you write your dating profile, you need to check your adjectives at the door, especially when it comes to describing yourself. Don’t load up your profile with “blah blah” descriptors like: I’m adventurous, smart, funny, attractive, etc., etc. These are screaming: I’m boring, uncreative, and a loser. Don't be like this guy:

match profile example with too many adjectives

99% of guys online describe themselves with adjectives. Women are sick of reading the same adjectives over and over. When your profile is boring, you are boring. It’s as simple as that.

Master The Art Of Show, Don't Tell

Here’s what to do: Write down 5 or 6 adjectives to describe yourself. Then search your life, your interests, your job and your passions for real world examples that prove these adjectives are true.

Let’s say you’re adventurous. How about the time you went heli-skiing in the alps and had to live off melted snow inside an ice pocket after getting hit by an avalanche, until a slobbery Saint Bernard came and rescued you with a barrel of hot whiskey around his neck? Or the time you ate live squirming octopus sushi in South Korea? Or the time you took a last minute trip to Vegas, won $10k at the craps table, and used the cash to hire a private jet to take you home?

OK, your examples don’t need to be that crazy, but I think you get the picture. It could be as simple as the fact you go jet skiing out on the lake every Saturday morning. Just describe the jet skiing so it sounds 100% exciting and fun.

I want him gifWhen you avoid adjectives you start to SHOW women how interesting you are instead of TELLING them how interesting you are. The ‘Show Don’t Tell’ approach is primary reason our profiles work so well.

Show Don’t Tell pulls the reader into your exciting reality and lets them decide for themselves how awesome you are. It recognizes that nobody likes to be told how to think, but if you give them the right kind of facts, you can encourage them to think and feel however you want.

How A Killer Dating Profile Could Save Your Life

(Cough cough)… love life. If you want to see how much a magnetically-attractive profile can improve the quality and frequency of your sex life, why not leave it up to the pros? Every profile written at ViDA is scrutinized by me personally before the customer sees it.

If I wouldn’t want to use your profile for myself, it goes back to the drawing board until it’s up to my high standards. And if it’s not up to YOUR high standards? You can send it back for two deep revisions until we’ve tweaked it out to perfection.

Our clients tend to react like this: “That guy’s a [email protected]$$. Oh wait… it’s me!” The added bonus of seeing yourself as 100% awesome comes free of charge, and you’ll never have to worry about how to write a dating profile that attracts women like a magnet ever again.

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