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This past August, I spent two and a half amazing weeks traveling alone in Europe before meeting friends in Budapest for a bachelor party and heading with them to Italy for the wedding. During the three weeks in Europe prior to the wedding, I met 19 very attractive European girls – all from the internet.

1000 years ago, very few people got the chance to travel at all, let alone enjoy the luxury of lining up loads of English-speaking dates in a foreign city. But there’s one guy I’ve heard about who was pretty well known back in the day, and was able to travel from time to time. His name was Genghis Khan.

Being the popular guy that he was, everybody liked to keep Genghis happy, so whenever he came to a new city, he had enough power and influence to have a harem of women waiting for him.

He was one of only a handful of people who could do that kind of thing back in his time, but the dating world has evolved drastically since then…

These days, you literally have the ability to go to any large city, and meet more women than the greatest Emperor of Asia could – all because of this new invention called “the internet”!

I’ve proven that statement more than once… but let me tell you about my most recent experience.

I had one of my assistants send cut and paste template messages to girls via (not a dating site but I use it as one) and OkCupid. I was traveling and overseeing my team at the same time, so I didn’t want to deal with sifting through profiles and blasting out the emails.

Before I even left US soil, I had attractive Scandinavian girls lined up and ready to meet me. The day after my flight landed in Stockholm, I met 2 girls from online. After my second night in Sweden, I took an overnight bus to Oslo, Norway… where I went on to meet 7 really cute Norwegian girls from the internet.

Next, in Prague, I got two awesome tours from beautiful Czech girls, and took a romantic paddleboat ride in the river that runs right through the city with another, passionately making out under bridges, docking at an island with live music and kissing goodbye right before my overnight train parted for Hungary, where I was meeting the bachelor plus seven close friends for our own rendition of the movie ‘Hangover’ (Number 3: Budapest).

I can’t go into all the details about what went down with these girls before I met my friends in Budapest because it would be the longest blog post ever and I like to keep it pretty professional… but that’s your sneak peek about the kind of fun you can have if you set this up right.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet though. About a third of the 43 replies I got from the 80 messages my assistant sent while I was in Europe were from women in Budapest. The thing is… I didn’t have time to get together with many of them since we had bachelor party activities scheduled up the wazoo!

So, in the interest of time-efficient dating (which some would say I have my PhD in at this point), I invited the eight hottest ones to meet me at the same bar at the same time… and six confirmed that they’d be there!

I know what youíre probably thinking – this Scott guy is either lying, idiotic or completely reckless. Well, some might call it “reckless” or “crazy”, but I love taking risks and getting outside my comfort zone – it’s made me who I am today.

Moving on… I obviously couldn’t handle all of them myself, but I was with 8 buddies, who are always more than happy to help out with this kind of thing. Plus, I mentioned to most of the girls that a few friends might be at the same bar so they wouldn’t be caught too off guard.

If only it ended up being as easy as I’m making it sound, or even expected it to be! That’s because things took an unexpected twist and went WRONG… really wrong.

See, my friends let me skip out on dinner when another girl from online that I had met up with at a music festival a couple nights prior shot me a last-minute meet-up proposal by text. She was outgoing, intelligent and Hungarian-hot, and my friends didn’t mind me missing one group activity, so I figured “why not?”

The problem was most of the buddies I was with are Latinos, who invariably arrive late to everything. And I wasn’t with them to make sure our group made it to the meeting spot on time.

As fate would have it, my entire group of buddies ended up showing up to the bar a full hour late, leaving me in a ridiculously uncomfortable position. I had to take my dinner date to a place where six other girls were coming to meet me for the first time, with no wingmen to avert the attention from me and what I’d done.

Talk about a test of balls and confidence. One sign of weakness and I would have been cast into the shark pool. My every movement, expression and word was being carefully monitored by a bunch of hot Hungarian girls.

I did have one very lucky thing happen that might have just saved me. The only girl that asked me if I minded if she brought along a couple friends showed up first and one of her friends was a guy. That helped to break my date into the idea that this was a social call before the swarm of remaining hotties showed up at the bar.

I didn’t have my own local SIM card, and my friend Jake had the cell phone they were texting me on when they arrived to the bar… so he, in turn, started texting updates and important info to my date’s phone, who kindly handed it over to so I could communicate “with my friends” directly.

“Scott, Lena is at the middle bar looking for you.” “Bro, Szilvi is waiting at the door.” Each time I got a text like that, I had to get up, find the girl, tell/remind her I’m with friends (most already knew), confidently introduce her to the table full of girls (and one guy), and then go searching for another chair in this huge but crowded open-air bar. Luckily, it wasn’t too hot out, or I would have been sweating bullets.

By the time my friends finally arrived, I was sitting at a huge table with one random Italian dude and seven sexy 20-something year-olds… six of which I had handpicked online.

All the guys from the bachelor party, including the bachelor himself, were dumbfounded… in complete shock that I’d somehow managed to pull this off.

As you can tell, I was a busy man in Europe, and I had a cute local tour guide in every city I visited leading up to the Italian wedding. It was an amazing trip… in large part because of the girls I met along the way. If you ask me, you haven’t fully experienced life until you’ve invited 7 women to the same bar and watched them fight for your attention. Seriously 😉

You don’t, of course, have to go all the way to Europe to do this kind of thing. You can nab plenty of attractive dates in any large city you visit – if you know what you’re doing.

Here are some rules for attracting lots of women in another city:

1) Take a “mass message” approach.

When meeting women online who don’t live in a city near you, you get to use one tactic that I don’t always recommend: blasting well-crafted template messages with little (i.e. her first name) to no customization as quickly as possible. Your response rate will generally be lower than a more customized approach, so if you try this in your local area, you could burn up your options very fast. But if you’re just in a city for a few days, your best bet is the good ole’, time-efficient “numbers game”.

2) Have the mindset that you’re mostly being social and having fun.

Rather than the serious mindset of, “I’m looking for a girlfriend even though I live 500 miles away”, stick with the approach that you “love meeting new people and making new friends.” Outside of international dating (aka. foreign bride) sites like, you will get a lot more responses that way, especially if you’re looking to meet girls in their 20s.

3) Present yourself as a cool guy who has it together.

Even though you’re taking a slightly social angle in terms of your approach, you are still going to insert some subtle flirtatious humor… And since you want her to feel at least a touch of attraction to you, the majority of the principles in our Click Magnet curriculum still apply. You’ll need to have a strong profile, good photos, and say the right things in your messages to really make her interested in meeting you.

4) Optional: Give them a glimmer of “hope” that they might see more of you if you have a good time.

When I do this for myself, I hint that I’m considering spending some time living in their city. This isn’t all that untrue for me since I can work from anywhere, and I’m always considering cool new international cities (in fact, I’m just getting settled into a 6-9 month stay here in Medellin, Colombia as I write this). What I’ve noticed is that this pulls in the ones that do feel really attracted right off the bat, but want to at least believe I’m a potential long-term option. You can also do this by mentioning that you visit or plan to visit their city often.

Now I can’t go into all the secrets here… but this ought to be enough to get you started. If you really want to become a master at meeting women online in all situations – including women who live in different cities, do yourself a favor and subscribe to our newsletter here on our blog.

Here at ViDA, our dating consultants have a massive amount of knowledge about what it takes to become a complete Click Magnet. Stay tuned and you’ll get a solid foundation of online dating help for meeting women online that will make meeting women in different cities feel like a walk in the park…

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