How Do I Get Over A Girl?

Discover How To Deal With Rejection Like A Pro

Have you ever spent time with a girl and experienced the kind of electric chemistry that completely blows your mind?

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… Only to have her drop off the face of the planet after a couple of dates? Or tell you “let's just be friends”?

Let’s face it… rejection sucks. It’s not easy to deal with or get over rejection, especially when it’s by a girl you REALLY like…

And there are TOO many ways it can go down…

Maybe you met over a couple steaming cappuccinos… The jokes were flying with the sexual tension building for two straight hours. Maybe you shared a bottle of wine and took a stroll in the moonlight, sitting by the lake under the stars and your eyes just kept sticking together like glue…

And if you told your friends how the date went, maybe you described it as “effortless.”

Well, if you have a ton of dating experience, then you know a kick-ass first date doesn’t mean that much unless she was naked in your bed…

Or depending on your goals, nothing is really “real” with a girl until you’re seeing her on a regular and repeated basis or she’s your steady girlfriend.

That’s because until you’ve achieved your dating goals, whatever they may be, the feelings that come with a girl beforehand aren’t much more than hope, speculation, wishful thinking, and fantasy.

Sure, the feelings are real and they’re AWESOME, but that’s not what this article’s about… It’s about the cold hard truth of rejection.

Getting Punched in Your Emotional Nutsack

The fact is, a girl who flakes after what seems like an intensely awesome connection can send a guy into a downward spiral of self-ridicule that’s full of depressing thoughts…

“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m too much of a dork.”
“I’m too boring.”
“I’m ugly.”

Sound familiar? The list goes on…

You might even start thinking every girl is a b****, women are flakes, women can’t be trusted, they just play games, or that hurting guys is simply prime on their agenda.

Or she might become the reason you take a break from dating.

It’s tough getting turned down under any circumstance, but when you’re dating online and have the capacity to meet tons of women super-quick, rejection can happen faster than the speed of light…

The Theory of Online Dating Relativity: Rejection = More Dating Success (Squared)

You might be going on 2, 3, or even 7 dates a week with DIFFERENT women from online dating sites and apps. But can you handle that much rejection? With that many dates you’ll be getting rejected left and right AND you’ll be rejecting girls left and right too.

That’s because once you get good online, you’ll be taking things OFFLINE… and in the real world, it’s a whole different ballgame – a ball game where the very best players use balls of steel.

And trust me, you’ll want to have at least two of them before heading into the field.

I’m NOT saying you need to be okay with a girl who doesn’t respect you.
I’m NOT saying you need to be okay with flakey, undependable women.
I’m NOT saying you need to put up with or forgive a girl for being a total b****.

But I AM saying this: A LOT of girls will disappoint and reject you, guaranteed.

And what you need to REALIZE is this: Everybody gets rejected. That’s just as true for guys as it is for girls. And finally, rejection is the SECRET to dating success.

I don’t care who you are – and it might not have happened to him yet, but somebody’s going to rip out Justin Beiber’s heart and eat it for breakfast. I just hope he “grows a pair” before that happens, or his career could be over faster than he can say “lickity split.”

Take Your “Vitamin R” and Experience the POSITIVE Side of Rejection

Rejection is the “Vitamin R” of dating. Sure it tastes like s*** but if you take enough, you’ll be a WHOLE lot better than Popeye ever was at picking up women.

But first let’s turn the tables for a second…

Have you ever decided you didn’t want to have a second date with a girl after a date that went pretty well?

There are THOUSANDS of reasons why you might reject a girl:

There wasn’t any chemistry… She wasn’t what you thought she’d be… She had a different sense of humor… You were too busy at work… Things were getting serious fast with another girl… Or you just had too many girls in your pipeline at the time.

So you rejected her because you didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, but do you want that girl falling into a downward spiral of depression? Do you want her thinking she’s no good, or that she’s too ugly or too boring to find a boyfriend? Do you want her thinking all guys are assholes, flakes, players, trying to hurt women, or just plain MEAN? Do you want her to quit dating altogether?

Well, any random girl you reject could come to any one of those conclusions, but you and I know she’d be completely wrong.

Still, guys and girls arrive at these conclusions OVER and OVER again… and that’s why you need to change your mind and start looking at rejection as your medicine for success.

Therefore, your mindset-shift, “Vitamin R” formula for overcoming rejection is this:

Don’t try to change girls. Don’t try to change yourself into someone you’re not. Don’t give up.

Know that EVERYBODY gets rejected, and if you’re not getting rejected a lot then you’re NOT dating enough…

And finally, each rejection is a cause for celebration. It’s proof that you got out there… proof you’re a guy who’s able to meet up with tons of chicks offline.

It’s also proof you’re exposing yourself to the REALITY of dating.

And if you hang in there long enough to earn the coveted “balls of steel” that only an experienced dater has, you’ll have more dating success than you ever dreamed.

Another little-known side effect of being okay with “Vitamin R” is that (with a little bit of practice) you’ll get rejected less and less, with time.

Chalk it up to the wisdom of hard won experience… that’s just how it works.

The Wisdom of Rejection

So the secret of getting over rejection is to get rejected more?

Yeah, pretty much. You just need to get out there and get rejected so many times that you start understanding the WISDOM of rejection.

The REALITY is this: With each rejection and each failure, you are closer to your goal.

Let’s say for every 10 times you get rejected, you meet one amazing girl that you connect with on a level that a lot of men never even experience in a lifetime. That means you have to get rejected 9 times before you get what you want. That means with every rejection you’re 10% closer to your goal.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and meet a great girl on the fifth go around… But one thing is definitely for sure. You’ll never experience the bliss of dating success without adding an ample portion of “Vitamin R” to your dating regimen.

Ultimately, once you change your perspective, you’ll never feel the “sting” of rejection again.

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