The Ultimate Hinge Review

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Hinge is one of the few mobile dating apps that doesn’t revolve around swiping. Instead of taking Tinder’s quantity over quality approach, Hinge’s format allows users to focus on a small number of profiles at a time.

If you’re serious about finding a relationship, Hinge might just be the app for you. This new Hinge Review has everything you need to know about using Hinge.

Starting A Convo Just Got Easier

Hinge gives you 10 matches each day, which you can see by going to the “Discovery” section. If you like what you see, you can comment on or “like” her photos or profile sections. If she replies to your comment, a connection is made and you can start a conversation.

hinge app impressionsIf you’re not interested in chatting with her, don’t do anything on her profile. Simply go on to the next match.

When another user expresses interest in you by commenting on your photos or stories, her profile will appear in the “Impressions” section. If you’re interested in her, reply to her comment and your conversation is up and running.

The Pros And Cons Of Hinge


  • Users indicate interest by “liking” or commenting on stories or photos in a profile. That’s a low time investment compared to having to send an icebreaker message like on other apps, so it’s easier for a girl to initiate a conversation with you.
  • Hinge surveyed its users and found 70% wanted a “relationship-oriented app”, with 45% seeking a serious dating relationship. That means women are generally serious about meeting someone and less likely to flake on you.
  • Anyone who downloaded Hinge prior to the app’s relaunch on 12/20/16 can try all the premium features for free during a 3-month trial period. After that, you can opt-in for the full membership (prices start at $5/month) or continue with a lifetime basic (free) membership.
  • You can change your location in the “preferences” section.
  • Conversations and impressions never expire.


  • After your initial free trial period, you’re limited to interacting with your daily suggested matches unless you upgrade to a full membership.
  • “Basic” (read: free) users only get 10 matches each day, so if you don’t find one you’re actually interested in it can be frustrating. Unlimited browsing requires a full membership.
  • You only get limited information about your matches, as your filter options are limited to basics like gender, age and location.
  • Users you previously skipped can show up in your feed again, just in case you want to “reconsider”.
  • There is no option for saying “no” to someone in your impressions section.


If you live in or near a major city, give Hinge a try. It doesn’t require a large time investment, since matches are sent to you. That means no sifting through endless profiles hoping to find a diamond in the coal.


There are two levels of Hinge membership:

  • Basic – free to use, but it’s only a limited version of the app.
  • Full – Unlimited browsing and ability to comment on or like aspects of other profiles. You can also set preferences for height, religion, and ethnicity.

hinge cost

If you used the old version of Hinge, you’ll automatically receive a 3-month Full Membership for free. After the trial period, you can continue with a Basic Membership for free, but you’ll lose access to the premium features.

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Setting Up An Account

Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in via your Facebook account.

You select your neighborhood, then provide basic info like your height, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. “Prefer not to say” is an option.

hinge app profilehinge app account set up

hinge app details

You’re then asked to answer a “prompt” in 150 characters or less, which is used as the main focus of the “My Story” section of your profile.

hinge app my story

The 70 prompts include things like  “Story of my first fake ID”, “Find me on Snapchat”, “Two truths and a lie”, “First kiss”, and “I’m actually legitimately bad at”.

hinge prompt exampleOnce you’ve answered the prompt of your choosing, your Hinge profile is created using the biographical data and primary photo from your Facebook profile. You can then answer up to 5 more prompts and upload more

photos to complete the “My Story” section.

hinge photosYou can choose up to 7 photos to use on your profile, so lead with your strongest picture. But make sure you look equally attractive in all of them – you’re only as attractive as your worst photo.

Adding a caption to a few of your photos is a good way to spark a conversation.

Since users only get a small number of matches per day, chances are she’s going to scrutinize your photos. Draw her into your lifestyle and make her curious to know you better.

Check out this article for some essential tips on choosing strong online dating photographs, but for now, here are the highlights:

  • Showcase your alpha side: you’re the guy making the toast, making the big play on the court, or the life of the party.
  • Throw in an interesting travel photo. She’s going to imagine what her life would be like with you, so let her know she’s in for some exotic vacations.
  • Give her a glimpse into your rich, full life. Photos of you engaged in your favorite hobbies let her know you’re not a couch potato.
  • Use a range of photos, including a close-up, a full-length shot, an “action” shot, that one where you’re all dressed up, etc…

You can also add a short video to your Hinge photos by uploading it from your mobile phone's camera roll, Facebook, or Instagram account.

hinge impressionsOther members can interact with your photos, videos, and prompts by commenting on or liking them, thus starting a conversation.

When you comment on someone else’s profile, you will show up on their “Impressions” list, and they can message you from there. When someone comments or likes a part of your story, you can see it in the Impressions section.

You can access existing conversations in the “Connections” section.

hinge connections

You’ll find your matches in the “Discover” section. Hinge filters for gender, location, age range, maximum distance, height, ethnicity, and religion. When you’re browsing your matches, you can “like” her photos and prompts by clicking the  icon, or “comment” on any part of her story. If you don’t like or comment on anything, you’ll continue to the next match.

hinge discoverhinge match

Hinge is full of beautiful, intelligent women. However, just because they exist doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to convince them to go on a date.

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