Click Magnet Dating Podcast #14: The Formula for Confidence with Robbie Kramer

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Robbie Kramer (a.k.a. “The Inner Confidence Expert”) of is famous for helping men build their dating confidence to attract their ideal woman.  He’s devoted to helping men achieve the ULTIMATE in dating and seduction success (just as he has), and he’s passionate about teaching men to experience their true power and inner confidence to create a love life that fulfills their desires.

As you’ll see in this interview, Robbie’s journey took him down a lot of interesting pathways, some he found not helpful, but others EXCEEDINGLY so.  Over time, Robbie mastered the areas of his life that needed the most work.  In fact, Robbie’s got it down so well that he’s been able to make out with women without even saying a word.

I think you’ll love this interview with Robbie.  I’ve definitely appreciated his unique insight regarding “shy” and “passive” guys, breaking social protocol, and getting outside your comfort zone.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    The TWO Focus Areas for Building Confidence
•    Failure & Rejection as a Pathway to Success
•    Having Friends Who SUPPORT You When You Fail
•    What Does “I Have a Boyfriend” Really Mean?
•    FEAR, How it Gets in the Way, and Making it DISAPPEAR
•    90 Days to Capture Your Inner Confidence
•    Comfort and How it Affects Your Approach
•    Overcoming Your UNIQUE Confidence Hurdles:  What’s in YOUR Way?
•    The Myth of the Perfect Line:  What’s Congruent with You?
•    Passive & Introverted Guys:  Do I HAVE to Change my Style?
•    BREAKING Social Protocol:  The Secret of Attraction
•    Robbie’s Step-by-Step Interaction Guide to Attraction
•    Can You REALLY Make Out with a Woman without Even Saying a Word?

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