Podcast #19: Getting Sexual Fast with Nick Rogue

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Nick Rogue is a world-class expert on getting gorgeous women into your bed fast, just after meeting them. For the past 13 years, Nick’s been teaching men everything from rock-solid techniques for approaching women at bars to the secrets of same night seduction.

In this exclusive interview, he shares some of his very best advice for rapidly attracting women and building up sexual tension until it bursts.

When a mutual friend and dating coach found out I was heading to Medellin, Colombia, he told me I had to link up with Nick. We hit it off right from the start, especially because both of us have marketing and dating at the center of our lives.

As the man behind SameNightSeduction.com, Nick’s obviously way more on the “seduction” side of the dating spectrum than I am. But he’s not one of those super cheesy ‘pick up artists’, nor is he a misogynist that treats women as objects. He has inner confidence, killer technique, and a natural authenticity that lets women feel comfortable giving into their sexual urges in a casual setting almost instantly.

If you want to amplify your sex life, then get ready for your mind to be blown. Nick’s powerful techniques are fun and easy to use — and from what I’ve seen firsthand, they get real results, real fast.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    Steps to Becoming Confident – Can You Succeed by Accident?
•    Becoming THAT Guy Who Women Just Crave
•    A Game Plan for Steering the Interaction Toward Sex
•    Escalating the Interaction EARLY by Setting the Sexual Vibe
•    Why Do Girls Put Guys in the Friend Zone?
•    Getting Viewed by Women in a Sexual Frame
•    One KILLER Line that Gets Girls Sexual Instantly
•    How to Get Your Female Friends to Hook You Up with Their Girlfriends…
•    Are Women More Sexual than Men? What Does it Mean for You?
•    Escalating Things Discretely So She Knows She Won’t Get “Caught”
•    Being Indifferent Without Getting EMOTIONAL to Her Rejections
•    The Secret of the “Try Again Later” Mindset
•    TWO Extremely Practical Ways of Ramping Up Sexual Tension

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