Click Magnet Dating Podcast #10: ‘The Alpha Male Advantage’ with Drawk Kwast

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Drawk Kwast is a life coach who helps men transform their desires into reality both in the dating world and in the rest of their lives. He’s also the author of three Alpha Male focused books.

Drawk is known for his unconventional methods and he makes no apologies as he teaches men how to amplify their will-power to achieve business success, continually push the limits of their comfort zones, and naturally attract the women of their dreams. He believes that when you see the world as it truly is, pain, frustration, guilt, and fear dissolve – enabling you to have the life you desire and impact society in a positive way.

In my recent interview with Drawk, he shared some very valuable knowledge with us that will surely help you on the road to winning the attention of beautiful women. In fact, Drawk has given us some of his best techniques, ranging from the simple to the complex. Plus, you’ll find he has a knack for putting his ideas and methods into a real-world context, which make them very easy to understand.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Drawk’s Social Basics: SIX Alpha Male Method and Mindset Secrets
• Turning a Bad Social Situation into a Good One
• Drawk’s “10%” Strategy for Taking Things OUTSIDE Your Comfort Zone
• First Money, then Women, then Power: And Why It’s Completely WRONG
• MASTERING Your Word Choice to Become a Stronger Alpha Male
• Phone Calls: One Trick to Amplify Your Success
• Lowering Your Standards? It’s Not What You Think
• The BIGGEST Alpha Male Body Language Advice
• What Does It REALLY Mean When a Girl Laughs at Everything You Say?
• Being the Real You and Being the EXTREME You

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