Click Magnet Dating Podcast #13: Two Rules, Not Two Hundred with David X

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David X is a master of dating who’s been teaching and coaching men all around the world for the last 15 years. He’s got two powerfully simple rules that will help you attract gorgeous women and keep them coming back for more.

Not only does David have a lifetime of successful dating mastery under his belt, but he is also a master teacher.  His message is potent, to the point, and exceedingly easy to understand.

David is a man who doesn’t require too much introduction, and after just a few minutes of listening to him, you’ll get what I mean. Get ready for an unforgettable dating podcast you’ll want to listen to over and over again…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    David’s Two VERY Simple Rules for Being Successful with Women
•    The Reason Smart Guys Have a Harder Time With Women
•    Why You Shouldn’t Worry About What SHE Thinks
•    Who is the Most Important Person in the Relationship?
•    Lessons From The Animal Kingdom, Major Religions & Nursery Rhymes
•    The Dating Challenges of Texting, Voicemail & Caller ID
•    Get What You Want and Get It Better The Next Time
•    What is the REAL Source of Your Fear of Talking to Beautiful Women?
•    ONE Question That David Asks EVERY Woman He Meets
•    Three Building Blocks of Good Relationships
•    Men Can’t Think Like Women:  Why Try?
•    David’s Limited Experience in the “Friend Zone”
•    Honesty: How to Be Completely Truthful with Women

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