Dating Online: How To Flip Her Seven Online Attraction Switches

How To Flip Her Seven Online Attraction Switches

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Everyone believes he is an expert on the inner workings of attraction. My mom tells me to be nice to women, and my dad tells me to buy them flowers. To this day, it’s one of three family dinner table topics that leaves me with indigestion (after religion and politics).

The hard truth is, most people don’t know the first thing about making someone feel attracted to them. Behind the scenes at ViDA, not only have our dating consultants toiled mercilessly to unveil the secrets behind making a woman feel attraction for any man (and vice versa), we’ve also typed and tested until our fingers bled to translate the principles of real-life attraction into the online dating arena.

It’s a different ballgame, so here are the plays YOU should know to make a woman feel attracted to you…

First off, you need to accept the fact that attraction is not logical and cannot be forced. In the famous words of David DeAngelo, “Attraction isn’t a choice.”

Guys, you simply cannot CONVINCE a woman to like you, whether it’s online or off. Attraction only occurs when you naturally demonstrate to a woman that you possess the qualities she is evolutionarily programmed to feel attracted to. In the real world, these qualities include confidence, dominance, bravery, strength, and decisiveness.

According to our online dating coaches, the challenge with demonstrating these attractive qualities begins when you attempt to translate them from real world experience to an online dating profile. For example, it’s nearly impossible to be decisive in your online profile. After all, beyond typing in your username and password, there aren’t any real decisions to make. And let’s face it, you can’t just come out and tell the world that you are an attractive man.

Therefore, you must demonstrate the qualities women find attractive indirectly. You can accomplish this by describing alpha male things you do in a detailed way that engages her imagination.

Our exhaustive research has revealed seven “attraction switches” that are guaranteed to make women feel desire for you:

1. Handiness

Not to be confused with handsy-ness. Yes, she needs to know you have hands and know how to use them, but the same is true of your tool set. Few things turn a woman on more than a real-life Mr. Fix It.

2. Romance

Women are attracted to men who have a concrete definition and true understanding of romance… and we’re not talking long walks on the beach here.

3. Chivalry

Though they certainly don’t want a man they can walk all over, most women do appreciate a guy who has some old-fashioned values and treats her like a lady.

4. Intelligence

A good brain is an evolutionary survival tool. Women instinctively want to produce intelligent offspring with the biological advantage for surviving and reproducing. Studies have shown that even women looking for nothing more than a casual hook-up tend to favor intellectual men.

5. Success and Ambition

We can also attribute these characteristics to evolutionary psychology, as women feel attraction for industrious men with the capacity for generating resources like wealth, status and power.

6. Humor

Nothing will get you in the door with a woman faster than making her laugh, especially if you can make your humor simultaneously flirtatious. Mastering this skill can be a key advantage in the online dating world.

7. Alpha Male Confidence

Women want a confident and dominant alpha male because he is a strong and decisive leader of men. Men want to emulate him and be around him. Women want to win him because he is the ultimate prize.

Our dating consultants have found that when you demonstrate these online attraction switches, she WILL feel magnetically drawn to you. Your job, then, is to determine which of these qualities you can emulate using anecdotes and other tidbits without blatantly saying “I am X.”

Your old English teacher was right… show, don’t tell. Start with one of the qualities you want to showcase, and use your language to take her on a mental journey. Using vivid detail, describe a time when you were really handy, romantic or chivalrous. If you can’t, just paint a picture that represents your idea of one of these concepts.

Trust me… my team of professional online dating experts has spent THOUSANDS of grueling hours with one end in mind – figuring out what WORKS so you don’t have to. All you have to do is take the beaten path, because these online attraction switches work, and we have the data to prove it.

The trick, as always, is knowing how to characterize them online. You can find much more detail on how best to present your attractive qualities in ClickMagnet. You can try it for 30 days, with a 100% money back guarantee if you want to learn more.

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