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Puzzled Man On Laptop Scratching HeadDuring the process of getting good at online dating, most guys focus on their photos first. Then they move their attention towards writing a strong “About Me” section. But when it comes to dating headlines for men, most guys never put in the effort. Interestingly, there are some wickedly effective and simple story-writing techniques that can help you write a headline that gets dates.

Just like a fishhook is worthless without its bait, it’s pretty logical why dating headlines for men are important. Your profile needs a good attention-grabbing headline so women get excited and curious enough to click on through to your profile.

In a minute, I’m going to tell you about a sneaky little trick I've been using A LOT to get more dates for my clients at Virtual Dating Assistants. But first, I want to show you something about good headlines and story writing. It’s something I didn't know about until I read the book Wired for Story by Lisa Cron.


Using Story Technique To Write Dating Headlines For Men

You see, all people, of all ages and backgrounds, LOVE a good story. Every human being is genetically programmed with a “need to know more.” As far back as caveman days, we've been hardwired to love a good story. In fact, if you create suspense with a good cliff-hanger, people will do ANYTHING to resolve the tension.

Here’s how it probably went down in caveman days:

 “Did you hear about Thor and the TIGER?!?!”                                     

“What? Thor and a TIGER?! Oh no!! What happened?

The need for good story is programmed into our brains as powerfully as the need for good sex. That’s because we learn valuable information from stories, and that information helps us stay alive, so we don’t get eaten by a tiger like Thor did…

But how do we tap into this concept in order to be more successful at online dating? Well, a good story doesn't satisfy the reader until the climax at the end. Ultimately, it’s the promise of that climax which keeps the reader engaged. It keeps the reader on the edge of her seat, eyes glued to the page, until it’s finally over.

Applying this principal to dating headlines for men is pretty easy… and this brings me to the trick I was telling you about earlier…

I call it the “Curiosity Headline” and it can work like magic to entice a woman to click through to your profile. Of course, your profile text needs keep that interest going, but the curiosity headline is going to be the thing that gives your profile a chance to make its impression.


Examples Of Great Curiosity Headlines

A good curiosity headline is like the first line of a novel. It subtly implies that there’s a lot more than meets the eyes. It creates mystery, intrigue and unresolved tension. Humor is good but most important is the aspect of creating a situation where the reader must “click” in order to satisfy her burning desire and curiosity to know.

Here’s a random example of a curiosity headline that will you get that click:

 “I almost learned the hard way that monkeys…”

This one uses the promise of a crazy story, while implying that the guy who wrote it is probably an adventurous, fun kind of guy.  Notice how it doesn’t finish the story so she’ll have to click through to find out more. Who wouldn't?

Just make sure that your story is TRUE. Or you may be setting yourself up for trouble later on down the line.

“OK, I need you to settle a bet for me…”

This one I’m giving to you guys as a freebie. It could apply to ANYONE, but it’s TOTALLY effective in getting someone to “click.” Just make sure you’ve got something funny or flirtatious to follow it up with in your profile, or she’ll be confused about why you wrote it in the first place…

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