The One Thing You Can Change Today To Triple Your Response Rate

Scott Illustrates How To Increase Your Response Rate by Focusing on Women Who Notice You First

I’m going to show you how to exponentially increase your success with dating women online by showing you a secret you used when you were little.

Remember passing notes in class?

I’m talking about back in elementary school when you had the biggest crush on that girl in class. Of course, you were too shy to talk to her, but one day, maybe you sent her a note that said, “Do you like me? Y or N?”

That way, you found out if she liked you BEFORE you ever said a word to her, so that if she didn’t, you wouldn’t feel rejected, and if she did… well, you could shoot her a sly look, blush, and then run off and stay away as much as you pleased!

If knowing when a girl liked you in advance was helpful back in elementary school, imagine how much more helpful it can be today with meeting women online…

When you know if a woman wants you in advance, you have a powerful weapon in your arsenal that will improve your online dating success.

This playground principle led the ViDA team to delve deeper into a matter that was on our mind…

We knew that if a woman had already checked out a client’s profile, if she winked him, or displayed any level of interest, the client would have better chance of success with her. But we didn’t know just how much better his odds would be… and that’s what we set out to discover.

To determine the impact that different levels of pre-contact interest had on our response rate, my team tracked this for over 12,400 emails last year and recorded whether the woman had:

a) shown no prior interest;
b) winked at our client;
c) viewed his profile;
d) shown some other level of interest.

As it turned out, messages sent to women who simply viewed a client’s profile were 78% more likely to elicit a response, and… Messages sent in response to a wink were 392% more likely to receive a reply.

The data we collected indicates that responding to these signs of interest will, on average, result in a similarly high 300+% increase in a client’s positive response rate.

Lesson learned?

Talk to women that check you out right away!

And just in case you were worried that you might screw up your chances with that girl that “checked you out”, here are a couple email examples that you can use to get conversations going, to virtually guarantee that she will want to keep talking to you, and meet you in person.

Subject: I can’t believe that you…

Body: Stopped by my profile and didn’t even say hi. I know you have better manners than that 😉

I saw that you also love to travel and explore new cultures… so I’m curious, if someone offered you an all-expense-paid trip to anywhere in the world leaving tomorrow and nothing was holding you back, where would you head?

Talk soon,

Subject: I see that you…

Body: Stopped by my profile and didn’t even say hi?

Playing hard to get before I even know you, it seems… that’s cute, but you deserve a fair warning: I always win this game 😉

Games aside, I’d like to get to know a bit more about you. So here’s my question…
Maybe it’s luxury travel with friends, maybe it’s philanthropy, maybe it’s pursuing a childhood dream of setting up an international crime ring… someone hands you a briefcase with a million dollars stuffed inside and tells you that you have 48 hours to spend it, what are you gonna do?

Talk soon,

Here’s a challenge: try to come up with your own variations of these examples so that you stay original and the message fits well with both your profile and hers. And if you want to learn how to speak with your own unique “voice” and personality so that women are naturally attracted to you, for who you REALLY are… I recommend that you try my Click Magnet Dating System.

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