Best Sites To Meet Women

too many choices for online dating sitesDon’t trust the ads on TV. They just want your money. Don’t trust the advice you get from friends. They probably just heard it on TV anyway.

Picking the best sites to meet women is your very first step to online dating success. You don’t want to mess this up, because…

Buying into a crappy dating site is like shooting your racehorse in the leg before the race. You might make it around the racetrack, but you’re sure as hell not gonna win.

Size Does Matter

The main problem with most dating sites is the size of their database of users. A site without a lot of active local women equates to showing up to a bar that’s empty or full of dudes. I know you’ve been there, and you can relate with the feeling of knowing you’re going home alone, yet again…

I want to spare you of that pain and suffering when it comes to online dating, so let’s make sure you get started on the right foot, okay?

When it comes to the best sites to meet women, the truth is this: very few people have logged the thousands of hours necessary to know which online dating sites are the absolute best for guys like you and me… regular guys who want to get the most real world dates with attractive girls possible.

So What Are The Best Sites To Meet Women?

Anyone who’s logged thousands of hours on different dating sites will tell you that the best sites to meet women, bar none, are….

(Drumroll, please…) & OkCupid

I know this because my team and I here at ViDA have spent hundreds of thousands of hours helping single men with their online dating since 2009. We’re the first company ever to allow busy singles to outsource the entire date-getting process to our team of experts…

DISCLAIMER: No, OkCupid hasn’t paid me a dime to tell you they’re the best. No, didn’t make a deal to funnel me and my clients’ profiles in front of the eyes of millions of smokin’ hot 21-year-olds. Nor do I have a personal vendetta against eHarmony, PlentyOfFish, ChristianMingle, MeetAnInmate, or (yes, they’re real).

Granted, I can admire the branding genius of eHarmony, but the jig is up… eHarmony and the rest of the competition kinda sucks compared to Match and OkCupid.

It’s not that you can’t get dates on the less-than-optimum dating sites. But if you’re going to pay for a membership, you might as well pay for one that gives you the ability to meet up with more and higher quality women, and offers an easy-to-use interface with sophisticated search abilities.

funny dating gifThe problem with eHarmony, for example, is it limits your ability to search its MASSIVE database and it forces you to accept only a handful of matches that a computer chooses for you. It drives me nuts to know a vast untapped pool of beautiful girls is waiting to find a great guy with magnetically-attractive profiles like the ones we create for our clients, but none of these girls are accessible to us due to eHarmony’s giant BS mega-computer!

Other specialty sites like Trekkie Dating, BrainiacDating, etc., come with the problem of a smaller pool of eligible women. Once you exhaust that pool, you’re not gonna get any more women to choose from.

JDate would be the exception to the rule (we’ve used it with a lot of success for our Jewish clients), and PlentyOfFish has some attractive women to choose from, but even still… Their interfaces don’t compare to the easy, intuitive way you can navigate OkCupid and Match.

But don’t take my word for it… You could start a virtual dating assistant company, spend the next four years training expert copywriters in the nuances of digital “game,” assume the identities of hundreds of single guys, and vigorously test the top 10 dating sites and the best date-getting strategies available. Then you’ll know which ones will get the highest quantity of attractive women to go on dates with average Joe’s like you and me…

Or skip all that and just hire my company, ViDA, to handle your online dating accounts, and send you on tons of dates without your having to lift a finger. Click here to get started!

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