Best Dating Headlines For Men

I really like this guy gifThe best dating headlines make women feel the IRRESISTIBLE urge to click through and look at your profile. To them, reading more about you seems like the only possible next step that makes sense…

There are several strategies you can use to achieve this effect:

1. Create Intense Curiosity

Use a profile headline that ignites a woman’s curiosity with such intensity that she must look at your profile to heal her burning curiosity.

How much intensity, you might ask? Tell me you wouldn’t click through to look at more pictures if the headline beside her photo said this:

dating-headline-that-catches-attentionCLICK TO SEE ME AFTER I LOST 100LBS (BIKINI SHOTS!!)

How could you not click to see what she looks like after shedding 100lbs? Granted, you’re not going to email her if she looks like a sack of potatoes without the potatoes. But the ‘curiosity headline’ has done its job – it got you to look at her profile.

Obviously, the profile text and pictures create the attraction that gets the girl to message you – but that’s for an entirely different blog post.

2. Create Excitement

Your headline is like a caption for your face. If your headline is lame, it’s like having your face next to the word BORING in the dictionary.

Wouldn’t you rather sit alongside a description that inspires mystery, adventure, intrigue and excitement? More importantly, wouldn't it be better to have a description that makes hot women want to learn more about you?

How about these for excitement inducing headlines, which would be perfect for a fireman and a martial arts enthusiast?

Mixing fire and water daily.

Traintop ninja battles, with Chunky Monkey for dessert.

3. LOL Causing Headlines

When you can make a woman laugh you’re golden. So if you can get her to LOL just by looking at your headline, she’ll definitely want to read your profile. You might use a quote from a comedian you found on the Internet or make something hilarious up yourself. Here are some humorous examples:

99% perfect, 1% ***hole.

Jedi powers limited to hailing taxi cabs…

For a tall guy: Narrowly escaping punches, ceiling fans, and low doorways

When Your Headline Stands Out, She Clicks

The problem with most men’s headlines is that (1) they look the same as everybody else’s and (2) they don’t create the burning desire to click. For example, look at these lame headlineswoman bored by dating headlines I snagged off ACTUAL profiles:

Laidback, chill, surfer guy

Fun-loving southerner looking for his cowgirl.

TV Actor:
Actor, foodie, adventurer.

Now, check out these click-worthy headlines, which employ humor, excitement and curiosity to get her to read your profile:

NEVER do this when a shark tries to bite your….

“Always comes with more cowbell.” – Chuck Norris

TV Actor:
The time I got my head chopped off (on TV)

Do you see how these either make you laugh, make you think the guy is adventurous, or make you curious to learn more? These work off the same principal as the headline of the fat chick. They make you say, “What? I’ve gotta see more…”

A really good headline will even make a DUDE want to click on your profile. That’s because it will tap into a part of your brain that all humans share – the desire to hear the end of the story.

Here are the kinds of questions the above headline examples inspire in your mind: “What did the shark bite?” “More cowbell, Chuck Norris? WTF? That’s hilarious.” “I need to see how crazy this guy REALLY is.”

After seeing a headline like these, OF COURSE you’re gonna click. You want to learn more about this guy and see if he’s going to make you laugh again.

What we’ve just shared with you is ViDA’s formula for creating highly effective headlines. Granted, a click-worthy headline is only a small part of creating a profile that pulls in dates like a magnet. That said, it is an important part of the puzzle.

Since 2009, our team of professional dating writers here at ViDA have crafted thousands of profiles for online daters seeking to skyrocket their ability to attract women online, and we’re always honing and perfecting our techniques. If you’d like to take full advantage of all our sweat and elbow grease, you can hire us to do the hard work of writing a magnetically attractive profile for you.

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