Click Magnet Dating Podcast #16: Become The King of Kings with Steve Williams

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Steve Williams, also known as “The Dean” is a dating coach who started back in 1995. He got his first taste of seduction mastery while he was a teenager and it’s been a central focus of his life and career ever since.

Steve has a powerfully enticing way of communicating the alpha male mindset through metaphors and examples – such as comparing the alpha male to a hunter and a lion. But rather than using the term ‘alpha’ Steve calls it being a complete male, “The Man,” “The King of Kings,” and having absolute respect for yourself in every aspect of your life.

Today, Steve teaches guys to be more confident when meeting and dating women and his goal is to instill a complete sense of personal value into every guy – focusing on men becoming the man they were meant to be.

Steve has a very different philosophy than most dating coaches I know, and it might seem contrary to a lot of what you’ve heard before, but his reasoning clicks and his descriptive language will motivate you as much as it amuses you. Sit back, relax and get ready to be entertained.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Steve’s Definition of the Alpha Male or the Complete Man
• Hunting Women: Be the Lion who Gets the Zebra
• Tapping into What You Can Offer a Woman
• Turning a Woman on: What to Say and What to Skip
• Unplugging from the Woman’s World – Make it YOUR World
• Meeting Women Fast: Stop Chasing and Get THEM to Call YOU
• The “Human” Mind Stops Where the Alpha Mind Begins
• The BEST First Date: Coffee, Dinner, or a Bar?
• Sidestepping the “Friend Zone”: Knowing When to Walk Away
• Take the Power out of the P***y so You Can Be a Man
• Discarding Your FAKE Self Mask and Revealing Your TRUE Self
• Chasing your Prey: When to Stop and When to Follow Through
• Laws and Rules for Long-term Relationships: How to Make Them
• CHEAT-Proofing Your Relationship: Giving her EVERYTHING She Needs

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