What Women Look For In Men

Scott Reveals The Secret Traits That Women Desperately Crave In A Man…

I feel pretty badass right now – like I just beat up Sigmund Freud… Because when it comes to attracting and dating women online, I KNOW what women want…

…and I’m going to share this secret with you in a second.

If you don’t pay attention to these two areas, you’re going to be stuck.


Your mission when meeting women online is to make them:

  1. Feel attraction for you
  2. Find you trustworthy and safe

If you don’t take care of these two things, you will have no success meeting women online…

Without attraction, she has no incentive to do anything but ignore you… And when she doesn’t give you the time of day you’ll sit frustrated at your computer staring at an inbox with nothing in it but a pile of bills from Match.com.

Without trust, she may talk to you, but she will never get out from behind in computer screen and meet you in person.

And without congruence, she will like you at first, but then she will suddenly stop and change her mind about you. She will become confused because she doesn’t know who you really are…

2 Quick Tips For Becoming More Attractive Online

Trends have faded in and out over the decades, but what kinds of men have women ALWAYS been attracted to since the dawn of time?

Bad Boys and Alpha Males…

Bad Boys break the rules. They’re wild and selfish and do whatever they please, consequences be damned! Adventurousness is the hallmark of the Bad Boy.

A great way to add some more BADNESS to your profile is to describe your life in adventurous ways.

Alpha Males are leaders. People follow the Alpha Males, and they are the natural leaders and providers. Women are attracted to wealthy men because it often takes great leadership to accumulate wealth.

… like the entrepreneur who leads a company into success.

Wealth is also a sign that you can be a good provider… This is also attractive.

But if you’re not rich, don’t worry!

At the heart of all wealth is the ambition to have money. One way to communicate that you’re the Alpha Male is to talk about your ambitions.

How To Be More Trustworthy Online… Instantly

Let me ask you a weird question…

What do you think the social life of a serial killer is like? I’m not certain, but I bet it’s pretty hard to be popular in school when your favorite hobby is torturing animals.

When you are not in “social step” with a crowd of people, women immediately get suspicious. Attractive men have lots of friends. Weirdos have no friends – and the internet is chock full of weirdos.

If you cannot prove to her that you have a robust social life, then she’s automatically going to assume you’re a weirdo.

Women associate strong social ties with safety. A man who shows that he has a cool, tight knit group of friends is safer to a woman than a man who has no friends.

Men who have strong family values come across even more trustworthy…

If you want to demonstrate your trustworthiness to a woman, inject some details about life with your friends and family in your profile and possibly even include a photo that shows you having fun together.

Of course, there are TONS of ways to build powerful attraction and deep trust with a woman. You’re going to need to know the approaches that work best for you and which ones are duds. In the Click Magnet Dating System, I go into insane detail on the different ways to be attractive and trustworthy online so that women want to meet and date you.

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