Podcast #20: Attract Women Effortlessly with Cory Skyy

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Cory Skyy is a well-known and respected dating coach who teaches men how to naturally and effortlessly attract women into their lives. He focuses on helping guys develop the correct mindset, vibe and lifestyle in order to achieve their goals. He has a ton of experience, and he’s the kind of coach that doesn't really sugar coat his advice…

With Cory, it’s all about effortlessness, and he’s got some extremely compelling stories about interacting with and attracting gorgeous women from across the room without even saying a word.

Cory doesn’t have any “approach” techniques and he doesn’t have any “lines.” For him, it’s all about knowing what you REALLY want and combining that with the mentality of abundance. He says it’s the secret to having more women than you ever imagined while going to sleep with a smile on your face, every single night.

Cory’s inspirational attitude makes you want to get out there and really experience all the hot women and incredible benefits life has to offer. I enjoyed this interview with him, and I think you will too.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    How Can the FEELING You Have Inside Can Help You with Women?
•    Developing Sexual Confidence and Trusting There Will Always be a Girl
•    The Secret of Changing Your Mindset by Working Out Your Mind
•    Expanding Your Possibilities and Thinking Outside the Box
•    One Awesome Visualization Technique so You KNOW You’re The Man
•    Turning On and Turning Off Your Attractive Mindset
•    Re-Writing Your Dating Life However You Want It to Be
•    Meeting Women WITHOUT Approaching Them
•    Put Yourself Out There – In Alignment with What You Want
•    Become a Non-Verbal Ninja for Attracting Women
•    Non-Thinking, Feeling the Moment, and Eliminating Self-Doubt

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