3 Online Dating Tweaks

Today we have an article written by our friend Jake Vandenhoff, who is one of the leading internet dating experts out there. He’s got a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to meet attractive women online, so we hope you enjoy the information he’s about to share with you today…

Lose The Dope Smiling Photos Get More Girls

One of the great things about online dating is that it allows you the opportunity to test out all sorts of different things on a massive scale without even leaving your house.

Back in the day, I got real nerdy with this stuff and did a ton of online experimentation. I discovered that there are dozens and dozens of little tweaks that you can apply to your dating profile and emails that can greatly improve your results as soon as you apply them.

Some of these tweaks seem really crazy while others are just common sense things that a lot of guys somehow overlook, but they all factor in…

Here are 3 of the “biggies” that I've found can make the most dramatic impact:

1) Lose the dopey smiling pics
Have you heard about the importance of smiling at chicks yet? Everybody seems to act like this is some kind of breakthrough… And while smiling at women is generally a smart move out in the real world (so long as you don't overdo it), too much smiling in your pictures makes you look like a chump.

In fact, the folks over at OkCupid did some testing on this and they agreed with me. Their tests showed that on average guys got the best results with pictures where they neither smiled, nor looked into the camera! It seems a bit counter intuitive after all that we've heard about how attractive smiling is, but online, the statistics say otherwise.

2) Add some pizzazz to the first paragraph
If your picture is good enough to get her to click through to your profile, then the next step is having a profile that captures her attention and makes her feel like she needs to get to know you… To make this happen it's crucial that the first couple sentences of your profile are interesting enough to get her to keep reading.

Most guys opening lines are as boring as dirt and are full of the same old tired clichés that a woman has seen a zillion times over… you know, stuff like: “Hey there, I'm Jake, thanks for reading my profile. I'm a really funny laid back guy who loves sports and dogs…”

Chance are that she actually likes funny laid back guys, and she probably likes dogs and sports too… But that alone is not enough to make you stand out in the ocean of other likable, boring dudes who also like dogs and sports.

Instead, you need to show your unique personality, and more importantly show her that you aren't afraid to express your uniqueness, and rock it…

3) Lose the cocky attitude when you email her
One huge mistake that I see guys making over and over again when they email girls is that they try to be too much of a challenge. In fact, guys often will say things that are borderline rude because they think that they need to show off how “non-needy” they are. And then they wonder why they don't get responses!

I believe that this is the result of a lot of the crappy dating advice that's available out there. For some reason guys get it in their heads that they need to be all cocky, and funny, and flirty and show that they have “high value” and so forth in their emails when really nothing could be further from the truth!

When you “try hard” to attract a woman online you come across as exactly that – a “try hard” kind of guy, and women don't want to date “try hards”.

Instead, women want guys who are pre-selected and already have options, and guys like that don't need to try hard or jump through hoops to get a date. So keep it simple, say what’s up and start a conversation.

One of the easiest ways to do this is simply to find something in her profile that interests you and then asking her a friendly question about it. Then when she writes back get her number – and badda-bing, you're in business.

About The Author:
Jake Vandenhoff is a dating coach for men and author specializing in self-development. His programs help men build self-esteem and transform their love lives. For more information on how to attract women online, proven methods for creating powerful chemistry, and much more, visit his website at AttractAndConquer.com and Download 2 FREE PDF Reports (Limited Time free offer!).

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